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  1. I agree with some of the earlier comments about Bruce. I felt like nearly every question he asked was a five minute statement that basically boiled down to "Why is x so terrible." And when asked what he liked about the game, his response was, "I thought the glam-cam would suck, but it really doesn't." So clearly he didn't care for the game, since he had very little positive to say about it. Which is fine. Everybody is different. But it made for a frustrating listen to me when it all seemed to be focused on fairly minor things that Bruce had a problem with. When you have a lead developer on, I think it's best to focus on high level design decisions and approach rather than stuff like: "Why can't I zoom out?" "Why is this X-Cover?" "Why is the interface so console-y?" "Why am I not getting a medic promotion?" Granted, that last one wasn't Bruce's question, but it was another example of the strange focus of this podcast. And I thought Bruce's use of the terms X-Cover and glam cam were pejorative and slightly insulting. I thought the designer did an admirable job of taking these questions and twisting them into larger design discussions, which redeemed the podcast a bit. But overall I was disappointed with the discussion.