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  1. Lots of great takes in this thread. My $0.02: - The "mother" or "experiment" has a similar-looking head to The Arm as it (he?) is now - Whatever rich person set up the box with all the video cameras: were they anticipating the mother specifically? Did they have any idea that's what they would find? Also: is the mother "out" now, on the loose? - I kept thinking "electricity" in this episode. FWWM stressed it and it seems to be a recurring theme in this episode specifically. The tar men buzzed around the convenience store like electrons or something. Less confusingly, they talked with electro-voices. I don't know how that ties into it, but I guess it does. I was really hoping that BadCoop getting shot would mean that Dougie/Coop would suddenly snap back to good old Cooper Are we meant to understand that Bob is a corrupted form of whatever these things were that the "mother" spewed upon detonation of the atom bomb? Because he looks like a tumor. A vomit tumor. (Vomit Tumor will be the name of my death metal band.)
  2. Hey, sorry I haven't read the whole thread yet but: Has anybody connected Dougie's scrawling on his reports to the figures drawn in Owl cave? They look kinda similar in style and both have a connection to the Black Lodge.
  3. I think this show keeps showing us that we just can't assume what's going to happen after what we're shown
  4. Ah that did pop into my head, but the reversal in that scene is actually pretty funny. Willem Dafoe is such a perfect creep. That movie is so good
  5. LYNCH: "there are questions, and I don't have the answers" JONES: "Is it your instinct?" LYNCH: "Instinct means I'm hungry and I want to eat. Intuition is the thing." JONES: "ahh, yes." God damn it.
  6. What do y'all think the significance of the green light on the guy's face in the meeting was that let Cooper know that dude was lying? When Cooper was being helped with the slot machines by the floating Red Room icon, I had assumed that somebody from *beyond* was helping him out. But this interaction made me feel more like Cooper may have some sort of "second sight." They establish in Fire Walk With Me that he may very well have predictive powers, and we know from Twin Peaks stuff in general that Cooper has some kind of mystical connection to the world. Is it that that connection is one of the strongest parts of his personality, manifesting like his love for coffee? Or maybe his time in the Black Lodge gave him even greater powers of insight. Or maybe somebody like Mike is actually helping him from beyond, and these revelations are meant to shuttle him towards some goal.
  7. Episode listing

    That is absolutely perfect. Thank you!
  8. Episode listing

    Hey y'all, is there an easy way to view all the episodes of Idle Thumbs (or any of the other podcasts on the network) as a list? I want to send the list to my teammates for them to pick which titles sound the best to them. The episode archive separates them into 23 pages, but I only need a list of titles. This itunes page is also unhelpful in its own way.
  9. That's especially poignant after hearing about how people booed Fire Walk With Me, and also booed him for winning the big award for Wild at Heart:
  10. This guy on twitter went ahead and added some of the old music to these scenes, including the one you mention, and it's basically perfect:
  11. Entertainment Weekly just posted an interview with David Lynch that covers a theory put forth here:
  12. I'm wondering how long it will be until good Cooper's storyline converges with the Vegas storyline set up in episode 2 about the person you'd never want to be mixed up in things with. Who here said they speculated that person was Audrey? I think that's a great idea.
  13. I think one of the key things the person on the phone says is "I will be with Bob again." So I think you could make as much argument for Mike as you could Leland. Of course, we don't know who else may have Been with Bob.
  14. American Gods (TV series)

    So far I think it's more immediately interesting than the book. And I love the cast. IMO it, Twin Peaks, and Legion are the most interesting things on TV right now