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  1. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    Just stopping in to say I'm sorry for ending this thread...
  2. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    Hey guys I've been working on Super Punchy Face for a while now, and I finally have a prototype I'm happy with. I'd really appreciate some feedback! Just to recap: Super Punchy Face is a 2D brawler about using the environment to your advantage. Check it out here: drewdunaj.itch.io/spf
  3. Jeff Gone Goldblum

    D'awww thanks guys :3
  4. Jeff Gone Goldblum

    Hey guys am I too late for the wizard jam?? http://drewdunaj.itch.io/jeff-gone-goldblum
  5. Team Building Thread

    I want to make THE GREAT GATLING-GUNSBY !! I'm a GameMaker programmer with not-much-but-some experience (drewdunaj.itch,io) looking for art, sound, writing even. My idea for The GGG is to have a scrolling 2D shooter that takes you through different scenes from the book (ie: tile sets), each area starting with a quote from the book flashing up on screen, but twist the end of the quote to make it about shooting/explosions/etc . I'm picturing very simple gameplay, just moving left right and shooting, but I want to "juice" it up as much a possible, screen shake, flashing lights and colors, all that good stuff. Crank the bombast up to 11... I work full time so I'm going to try and keep the scope as light as possible, but I think a 5 minute game about Gatsby quotes and machine guns should work pretty well :3
  6. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    Super Punchy Face has bricks and hammers and crates CHECK IT! it isn't viruses I swear! Ay Joe I don't have UE so I can't open your file, but I watched the youtube video and its impressive! Specially since you say you're not programmer. Did you just make it for the hell of it or are you going to use this for a game?
  7. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    I don't know what Chrome's problem is, but I think it just flags raw .exe files as malicious. I've put the file in a .rar, hopefully it will work: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zbsqlj442zgi5n3/SPF%2011-19-14.rar?dl=0 Thanks for the high praise clyde!! Means a lot to me. I would be interested in hearing what kind of interactions you did create though :3 Berzee! I tried the swirly bouncing color game! Not a bad idea, though I wound up solving the levels by bouncing one color back and forth in a small area while I waited for the other one to collide with it. Probably not the kind of engagement you're looking for - maybe there should be a limit on how long you can hold the lines for or something so I can't sit there with it forever. Tasty I will try out the multiplayer game next time I'm at a friend's house!
  8. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    Everyone's making such cool stuff, I want to add mine to the mix. I've been working for maybe 6 months on SUPER PUNCHY FACE, a twitchy top down brawler about punching faces. It looks rough, but I've been focused on tightening the combat. Anyway check it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/at84q83dlhx0toc/SPF%2011-19-14.exe?dl=0 WASD to move aim with your mouse cursor left click jabs, hold it for a SUPER punch right click dodges, hold it to block left bar is your health, right bar is your stamina R to restart!
  9. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    Well I recorded two videos of me playing my WIP game, Super Punchy Face: and Download the .rar and .exe from my dropbox Cheers!
  10. Amateur Game Making Night

    That looks fucking awesome, dino
  11. Plug your shit

    Please drop the rest of that Goldblum fanfic.
  12. Plug your shit

    My band is playing the last day of our tour in Philly tonight. We formed two months ago specifically to go on this tour with a couple awesome guys. The Sexy Teenagers and Science Club are the headliners and play pop punk. My band, The Pastries, has been billed as "50s Garage Rock", whatever that means. Listen to us on bandcamp, yo! (I play bass) thepastries.bandcamp.com
  13. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    If the world is empty enough, enemy wise, then this is exactly what I want. Holy shit, chilling on an elephant, strolling through the Himalayas? Yes fucking please. I would take that game, without anything else in it, and eat it up.
  14. Idle Thumbs GDC Meetup 2014 - 3/20 9pm at Dear Mom

    We are in the back of the bar