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  1. In some ways the book felt like a kind of B movie (perhaps something Luther Stallings would star in)... Lots of really cool and interesting stuff on a micro level - some nice character interactions, great sections of dialogue, generally cool scenes. But, on a macro level, it just fails to come together. It's almost like someone with a bunch of stuff filmed and no budget to finish off something that can be brought together as a whole.
  2. First PC in 9 years; what should I play?

    If you're a fan of point and click adventures there's a bunch of really nice wee games that have come out in the past few years (including the previously mentioned Telltale games). I'd recommended Ben There, Dan That & Time Gentlemen, Please and Gemini Rue. Ben & Time were both written by a couple of English guys and have a really great sense of English/British humour (says the Scot). Gemini Rue is a nice wee scifi thriller that's just really well done.
  3. Your first gaming device...

    My first system was a Master System 2 with Sonic built in. I thought you played the game by looking into the cartridge slot. Favourite game was After Burner...never got past the third level. One day, maybe.
  4. What about that Hotline Miami, eh? I've been conditioned to wantonly murder top down sprites on sight. It's quite something when a game can get you so into the zone that you can no longer differentiate between active input and zombie clicking the mouse to try and interact with something you have no control over.