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  1. Hey guys, I released an iOS game called Dudeski last month. I made a screencast a couple weeks ago where I walk through the scene structure and the scripts that do the heavy lifting to make the game an endless runner. I'd love to hear what you think! Feedback on the screencast, game, or code are all appreciated.
  2. Unity: What I needed to know.

    One thing I wish I had known when I started using Unity was that you can make GameObjects that don't have a visual representation more visible in the scene view by changing the icon. Just click on the little arrow left of the GameObject's name: Select one of the other icons, and it'll look like this in the scene: Once I figured this out I started using GameObjects with only a transform any time I needed to do something positional. A lot easier than modifying the position with code and being unable to see exactly where your new position is.
  3. Amateur Game Making Night

    Wow, this looks amazing!