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  1. Far Cry 2

    GTAV on higher settings sure reminds me of Far Cry 2...
  2. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    Far Cry 2 conpared to Far Cry 4 on Game Makers Toolkit. Good five minute mechanics comparison. Found at Kotaku
  3. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    YES! Possibility of dinosaurs in next far cry. Next gen far cry with dinosaurs TAKE MY MONEY :3 http://www.pcgamesn.com/far-cry-4/ubisoft-ponder-the-future-of-far-cry-will-it-hold-dinosaurs-vampires-or-vietnam
  4. Screenshots. Shots of your screen.

    Heres my engies unique look with some rare expensive unusuals and stranges:
  5. Assassins Creed Unity

    Im still wondering if the fact its not available on the UK steam store (and note, only the UK steam store) is an experiment by Unisoft financial department to gauge how abandoning steam altogether for UPlay globally would sit. Far cry and creed for the last three years right well into the new year. Irony being creed next year in will be in a smokey steam-age London, yet not available in steam London.
  6. That'd be amazing a 1940 battle of britain game, solving crimes while a waves bombers destroy buildings around you with next-gen Far Cry 2 esque fire spreading and seeing and gearing spitfires and Hurricanes engage and by the end of the game London has gone from historical beauty to rubble.
  7. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    Where next for Far Cry 5? Aussie outback is littered with deadly beasts... Next gen Alice Springs would be cool... Plus loads of excentric personalities to under-utilise.
  8. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    Same here i whacked it up to Nvidia settings and maybe its the fog as mentioned but my eyes have trouble with it. Anyone else getting a frame rate drops? Ive got a really powerful rig and im kinda shocked; TotalBiscuit had a similar problem with FC4.
  9. Half-Life 3

    A trailer that ends with 20,000 headcrabs all jumping at once towards you. Jumping with next gen beaks and slobbering mid-air...
  10. I hope theres some nod in game, like a strewn diary from a German born teen tourist that begins "I Dolph Ůmms..."
  11. I'm a Skyrim nut, and when i saw those peaks and their artistic excellence in the trailer i went a little light-headed.
  12. Oculus rift

    That guy... :3 Why is whats-her-face there from Countdown, ack, she made that video awkward to watch.