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  1. Anybody else already started this one? I started listening to the audio book today while doing some work and now I'm already 2 thirds through it (I listen at 1.5x) - which is kind of stupid since now I'll have to wait a month for the podcast. Love the book, another great pick after last month's.
  2. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    Yeah, I was there (after the controlled burn, don’t think you can get there before that) and it wasn’t on the log. Maybe a bug.
  3. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    I never found the trowel and therefore couldn’t beat the secret Ghost Sasquatch boss. (Joking aside, I’m still confused why the trowel wasn’t there.) So, what did you guys think of the story? First play through I played it in one go from 0 am to 5 am, which definitly enhanced the experience, the breaking into Wapiti station part and the cave exploration were very intense. Didn’t expect the twist, but like it much more than if it would’ve been an actual crazy conspiracy. Second play through I was surprised how many new lines I heard. And I found some more Wizards and Wyverns stuff and got more dialogue about Brian, which made it even sader. Just such an awesome game. The photo feature was part of why I played it twice in such a short time, such a cool idea. And I loved the easter eggs. I only found the duck because somebody told me about it, no idea how he spotted it, it’s so small. (copied from the other thread) I found The Accidental Survivor, one of the books from Gone Home. Don’t have a picture. But even cooler: Good Ol’ Christmas Duck! (Can’t figure out how to get that picture here properly)
  4. Good idea, was thinking of making one myself but wasn’t sure if that’s how it’s usually done on here. The framerate is total shit when you set it to Ultra on an rMBP, man
  5. Yay, I can finally talk about the game. Don’t worry, I’ll spoiler tag everything that might be a spoiler. If anybody who already played the game wants to talk about the story, I’m up for that, but I won’t in this post since there wouldn’t be much point if nobody else here has played it yet. One thing I’m really excited about is a feature that was embargo’d until now. It’s not a spoiler and it’ll be mentioned in the reviews but I’ll tag it anyway: And I found some cool easter eggs from a certain other game. Actual spoilers this time: (My review in German in case anybody’s interested
  6. Huh, so I'm at the exact spot where the trowel is in the video, but it's not there. The quest for the elusive trowel continues.
  7. Played it with an Xbox controller since I'm a console guy, but it's totally a game you can play with a trackpad. Sometimes the game just crashes, eg when you start it or for some reason when you set the graphics to Low, or when it transitions between text sequence and first person in the beginning, but don't get discouraged, once it runs it runs, I played it in one sitting.I'd suggest details on low, shadows low, and light rays low, and everything else off. That way the FPS are ok and it looks gorgeous.
  8. I’m playing it on low graphics settings on my rMBP 13 which doesn’t have a graphics cards (according to the Steam page you have to have one for the game), so it might work on your laptop. That said, in your position I would wait until I could play this gorgeous game with higher settings.
  9. Yeah, the trowel is actually necessary to beat the secret boss in new game plus, which is the ghost from Gone Home.
  10. I liked those short trailers, too. Playing through the game for the second time right now and still looking for the trowel. I’m obviously not going to say anything specific about the game yet, but I really love it.
  11. Idle Thumbs Ruinationcast

    I'm sad that I only really got into Idle Thumbs after the Kickstarter campaign ended because now I would gladly give $200 to those crazy guys.
  12. TInker Tailor Soldier Spy

    Okay, this motivates me a little. I’m 130 pages in and the story’s somewhat interesting, but mostly I’m bored, there’s just so much blah blah.
  13. The Idle Book Club 2: Cloud Atlas

    I thought the same thing as the reviewer when I saw the action scenes with Sonmi~451, it just looked like standard Sci-Fi, which doesn’t have to be bad, but I definitely don’t want that in this film.
  14. The Idle Book Club 2: Cloud Atlas

    At first I thought this was a great idea, but now I think it’s rather lame, too. Especially since the reason they do this seems to be that they want to show that the
  15. The Idle Book Club 2: Cloud Atlas

    From what I gathered from the trailer it seems that these elements will be much more present in the movie, for example Timothy Cavendish says he dreamed about a restaurant where the waitresses all looked the same (--> Papa Song). I didn’t mind that in the book, because it was very subtle, it was only mentioned in a few instances (birthmark, Luisa knowing the Cloud Atlas Sextet). On one hand, the movie seems to be really great, but on the other hand, the story appears to be more about the connection between the protagonists, so hmm. I’m in the second to last chapter, I’ll write my impression about the book as a whole when I’m done.