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  1. Idle Thumbs GDC Meetup 2014 - 3/20 9pm at Dear Mom

    Soz I missed it folks.
  2. Idle Thumbs GDC Meetup 2014 - 3/20 9pm at Dear Mom

    I am on such a plane to GDC right now.
  3. Idle Thumbs GDC Meetup 2014 - 3/20 9pm at Dear Mom

    I'm down, depending on how busy I end up being. I may not be checking the forums when I'm there though, so tweet me maybe
  4. Plug your shit

    I redid the Impromptu Games website today so that it is now naff as fuck, and you can get to it by way of or the much better
  5. Post your face!

    Oh man! Pleased with that comparison.
  6. Post your face!

    alright, you twisted my arm
  7. Life

    Man oh man. Really sorry to hear. :( As Zeus said, he is a lucky cat to have you guys. Give him a hug for me. edit: the sad face emoticon on this forum is awful
  8. Life

    probably! I'm in Australia though
  9. Life

    i hate 'em most days
  10. Life

    i feel like it's almost impossible for that to happen. if someone's attempts at flirtation are taken as sexual harassment, they are definitely flirting wrong.
  11. Life

    woke up today to someone mocking my (obvs legit) claim to be running a game dev company on facebook. turns out it's one of my tutors from when i was in RMIT university's game dev course for a semester and a half. known to me mainly for trying to be my friend because I knew Gabe Newell, then turning weirdly hostile and marking me down on an assignment and accusing me of plagiarism, and then after I left I saw him ecstatically praising himself for getting on Kotaku for harassing Bioware's Jennifer Hepler. so basically my twitter is hilarious today and I've had a fun morning. it also turns out he hasn't been fired from that uni somehow
  12. Amateur Game Making Night

    now you can pick up objects in my adventure game and carry them around and drop them again, hooray
  13. Amateur Game Making Night

    do it
  14. Amateur Game Making Night

  15. Amateur Game Making Night

    font is default and highly incongruous. i'm steering with a trackpad here
  16. Amateur Game Making Night

    I guess I can do that. Hang on
  17. Amateur Game Making Night

    today I totally set up my object-using system in UE4 so that when i mouseover a usable object, i get a little hand icon indicating that i can use the thing, and if i use it i get a camera-facing text popup on the object describing it, and if i use it again i get a different, shorter description because my character doesn't like repeating long phrases in his inner monologue yaaaay
  18. The Hypothetical Adventure Game

    I'm doing a similar thing. Hashtag yolo swag 420 blazeit.
  19. The Hypothetical Adventure Game

    I love that one and I love how fast you're pumping this shit out
  20. Game Dev Talks/Lectures

    In my experience, Digipen is the only games school/course that isn't a complete waste of time, so I agree with him on that one tbh
  21. Game Dev Talks/Lectures

    This is one of my favourite talks, I use Chet's "sharpening your pencils" analogy all the time.
  22. The Hypothetical Adventure Game

    Okay you're actually excitingly good at that
  23. Artists

    Some of this stuff is really pretty cool. Hella bookmarked.
  24. The vernacular is wanting

    I don't really use words like alpha or beta, I just say "it's not done" if it's not, because it bugs me how nebulous those words are. There's a good HL2 mod that describes itself as being in Omega, which I guess is before Alpha, but it's kind of just a device to make sure your expectations aren't super high going in