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  1. You might also have mentioned the fact that the first mission in the campaign was weirdly and inappropriately a clone of the first mission of the American campaign. Charging up the beach to Stalingrad?!
  2. I largely agreed with your extensive discussion and your disappointment with CoH2 (though I have still played a lot of it over the last few weeks). A few minor points: Relic deserves praise for releasing a AAA title that does not automatically require you to have close to the latest hardware - I have a 3 year Macbook Pro with very basic graphic acceleration and the game runs without excessive lag. The KV-I does 'exist' but only in the 1941 time period Why can't you elect to play multiplayer in a given year? It would allow for more diversity in play styles That said, as far as I can see the balance for 1941 is completely messed up - Russian T-34s and KV-I's once built are almost unstoppable when the Germans don't have 'proper' Pz-IVs or Pzfaust/shreks. This is realistic-ish (for a change) but frustrating! Can you provide a link to whatever it is you mentioned in passing that Bruce Geryk said about CoH2?
  3. Episode 202: Best of the Best 2012

    I fancied a fantasy strategy title so FYI the relevant links for downloads are: (Mac, Linux and PC - free demo avail, quite cheap (£6.99) but lo res) Fallen Enchantress http://www.elemental...len-enchantress (full price, PC only) Warlock - PC only, mid-price http://www.gameranki...cane/index.html for reviews Eador Genesis PC only $6 but there's a Steam greenlight for a 'reboot'
  4. Episode 186: Playing at the World

    You haven't got 186 up on the "front page" either here or at 3MA... I want to know more about Bill Giddes (sp?) - sounds like an interesting character - not in the book's index? What games was he best known for influencing? It wasn't clear. Don't forget to put in a link to
  5. Episode 185: Class is in Session

    Really liked hearing from Rob Daviau - some great quotes and background about how game design works in the mass market eg "best part of any game session is opening the box" or "giving a game to players is like sending a teenager out to drive." Maybe I'm a sad academic but I'd love to see what the MIT guys who studied player reactions published about it if anything...