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  1. Taboo

    Delaney is an absolute monster, which is solidified by the end of ep6. Just fucking horrible to everyone But i'm still routing for him? Maybe that's what the taboo in the title suggests. The Taboo is that we like and want Delaney to succeed. I love that he's starting to unravel now.
  2. Riverdale

    We know you fired a gun, tell the police or tell the high school news paper, it's up to you. Lol wat
  3. Riverdale

    Yeah, episode 3 was a hot mess. Episode 4 focuses on the jughead crown head hat guy, who in my opinion is the weakest link of the whole show, I find all the other cast believable whereas I find him as a actor acting incredibly poorly. ill keep watching, but if the rest of the seasons filler is as bad as episode 3's we're in for a bumpy ride. Perhaps this forum could become a support group. We can congratulate each other on surviving another episode. turn up the hot tub and pour maple syrup on me, it's on. #teambetty
  4. Legion (FX series)

    Absolute treat for the eyes and ears. Really enjoyed the use of Janes addiction in the first episode with the slow mo room explode im really liking the memory workshops, just give me a whole series of that. delving deeper in to suppressed memories. so he was mates with the twizzler girl before they both got banged up in a mental hospital, you know back when the were trading ovens for drugs. Was she always only in his mind... I'm sure we'll find out more about that as we go. cant say I care about the sister. She seems fake to me in her 60s hair and clothes, when is this supposed to be set exactly?
  5. Legion (FX series)

    I'm loving it. I came very close to creating a thread about it but then realised i don't really want to discuss anything about it. Its a great little puzzle box and i feel the less i know about/think it about it the better. 1 strange tip. I had to listen to the first ep with headphones on as my wife was in bed and it was a really interesting experience. There's tons of background noise, i guess conveying what's it like to be Mr Legion a telepath who can't control his powers, would recommend spoiler about parentage Also
  6. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Been listening to this Grateful Dead tribute album (5:30 hours long :tup:) perfect background music to work too I got on to this after listening to the latest WTF podcast with Ryan Adams, which was a pretty great listen. Never really listened to Ryan being interviewed before. Anyway they discus this grateful dead song at the end which lead me down this rabbit hole
  7. Mr. Robutt

    You were clearly watching it wrong Ben ;P I admit that was a cheap shot to goad you. soz hon x
  8. Taboo

    Did you get the box of bananas I sent you? I absolute adore this programme now, absolutely glued to the screen. Not so much with the polt but more with the performances and Hardy crazy eyes. perfect casting is the half disinter husband, what a shit. Someone to hate more than Hardys antihero. appolgies j was mistake on the teaware set, very similar in style but not the regal peacock, do forgive me.
  9. I Had A Random Thought...

    Hells hells bells Trudy
  10. Mr. Robutt

    Listening to Sam Esmail talk on those two podcasts I linked too, he reiterates how much he hates plot, Its the least interesting thing about a show to him. So hating on season 1 because who Mr Robot is or whetever happens at the end, (I can't even remember now) doesn't really matter it just a means for all the little interactions that I remember so vividly, like Elliot's therapy season, Mr Robot pushing him off the railing, Tyrell beating up a tramp, Elliot swallowing pills out of his own vomit. All the good stuff! god damn I loved all the Elliot stuff in the first half of the second season. The Seinfeld chats at lunch everyday. So good
  11. Dub step? Is it 2013 it just looks like daredevil but instead of the whole blind thing they went with curly hair, no shoes and a garbage tattoo
  12. if you had asked me before any of the shows aired which I was most interested in, it would've been immortal Iron Fist. But that last trailer, woof, looks like a right stinker. It's looked terrible ever since the casting to be fair. Honestly what the hell were they playing at. Hopefully he'll die and the iron fist powers will get past on to an Asian actor. That's how it works isn't it? Or is it like a reincarnation thing. I only read one comic
  13. New forum: Movies & Television!

    Since the defenders is ramping up (hero team up show) it kinda makes sense to have them altogether
  14. I Had A Random Thought...

    Fat fat bum
  15. Taboo

    Only just found out this is made in the guy who made peaky blinders. That's another programme I've watched all of quite recently. I really enjoyed the first two season but then the third season went to pot. i assume this will only have six episode then? I'll check... 8 episodes, that's a good amount.
  16. Riverdale

    10minutes of Riverdale chat at 25:40. Kind of a introduction to what the shows about, give it a listen if you're on the fence.
  17. Fire Emblem Heroes (iOS/Android)

    So finished the story on normal this morning, scrapped through the final battle which was quite satisfying. Got enough orbs for another 5 hero pull and still no 5* heroes. I think it'll take a good week to get another 20 now (i've already completed about half of the story on hard) I've got a few new 4* heroes that i like the look of but their stat levels are all over the place and would take hours just to get them all around the same. And even then if i attempted the arena i'd still get destroyed by someone who had luckily pulled 2 or 3 5* guys, and heaven forbidden i meet a whale. Oh well, I think that's it. App deleted. It lasted 1 day longer than i originally thought
  18. Riverdale

    I love it! i haven't watched twin peaks, or really watched any teen dramas so my wife also thinks it's bad (But she hates everything up until the third episode). Ya'll crazy
  19. Mr. Robutt

    Perfect. Sam Esmail talking about the best TV of 2016. I'll listen to this tomorrow
  20. Mr. Robutt

    There was a really great tv podcast with Sam Esmail Around the time the second season finished. But I can't remember what it was called... Here it is. It's really great to hear him talk about the risks he took etc. i should have a hunt around for other podcast with him, interesting guy
  21. Still newer forum!

    It's like rain on your wedding day sorry, *rayeyain
  22. Still newer forum!

    The most important missing thing for me, is no jump to last post in mobile view. the forum will open on the last page of the thread, but at the top, so if there's like 20 posts on that page your thumb is going to get a good work out
  23. Film and TV Demasters

    No tv or movie come to mind BUT The remastered version of Late Night, Maudlin Street by morrissey is cut down from 7:42 to 6:55. It's one of favourite morrissey songs, namely because the end of the song is this hauntingly long fade out. The remaster cuts the song off before morrisey even finishes singing I hope you singing now. fucking criminal. Old: Remastered: Its like my favoirite minute of music and doesn't even exist anymore