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  1. They've made a movie
  2. Rocksmith

    👍🏻 I played it everyday for just over a week, found it really addictive! Until Zelda came out and I haven't touched it since :/ I'll decently go back to it soon, although it's a bit of a ball ache setting it all up. i feel like I need to find one song and just focus on getting better at it, as currently I'm bouncing all over the place. I'm doing all right at like difficulty 30, but the a chord appears and my mind and my hand melts. what I really need to do is learn some muscle memory for the chords and generally where each fret and string is at. And not necessarily with the game, I think I need to watch some youtube tutorials
  3. Nice thanks. I guess that's an Easter egg. Unless it'll be some challenge in the goron zone. theres 3 greyed out control tips in the options. One them will no doubt be this shield slide. I wonder what the other two will be.... actual I did a sneak attack by accident on someone earlier and got a control tip pop up. That could be one.
  4. Video game horse controls like video game horse. 8/10
  5. Enemy encounter I had (you really should experience this first hand as it was incredible) First horse's name was Buster (Because Seabiscuit was 1 character too long) who I quickly drop as he was ugly. Then i caught a black house with white feet which had 4 stamina thingies 👍🏻 I called him Bojack The world is awe inspiringly massive. And clutter free! No question marks on the mini map, you just go exploring and it's the best. although the game has just added something I don't really like
  6. This game guys THIS GAME what does the number mean on the shields then? Is it just durability (which is a hidden stat on everything else) or can some attacks just blow straight through weak shields. I normally attack first ask questions later, so my shelids don't get a huge amount of use, other than some sick parry action. They tend to last forever or at least until they catch on fire. also, how do you do the shield slide, or is that a skill you learn later
  7. I took a half day and played this all afternoon. It's a video game. i really hope I get a horse soon. Best moment so far was when I was trying out what all the buttons do and pressed down on the d pad to do Links 'call horse' whistle, which made my dog fly upstairs and in to my games room, I guess that works then :tup:
  8. Got the code. Got an error message saying the game isn't released yet, all good. Shame this isn't a cross platform code as i might pick up a switch some day, if Bayonetta 3 ever gets announced.
  9. yeah, cancelled my physical amazon order and got a code for £50 off that website above (It a European website so the code should work...) plus i found a 3% off discount code fingers crossed the code actually turns up and works
  10. huh, i never thought about buying it digitally. It is like £13 more expensive though... Considering i can still cancel my amazon order i'm not going to be receiving it tomorrow. maybe i'll just pony up and get it digitally get it a bit cheaper here. Is WiiU stuff region locked, i don't even know if this is a EU code.
  11. Best game of alllllllll tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee? Considering reviews were a lot less critical 10/20 year ago
  12. God i hope those 'useful items' aren't like an easy mode cool sword at the beginning of the game you wouldn't get otherwise. I hate shit like that, pre order and make the game a cake walk I'm amazon order still hasn't dispatched, but still has an arrival date of tomorrow. The WiiU version now is 'currently unavailable' :/ i was kinda surprised when it let me order it a few days ago. If Nintendo really want people to buy the switch they should've just released this a week or two later. If the console were avaible in shops i probably would've crumbled and went out and bought one what with all the glowing reviews.
  13. A game just just landed in my doormat which in excitedly ripped open to find deus ex that I bought yesterday for cheap and completely forgot about guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow then. stupid postman
  14. I think I better turn my WiiU on as I'll no doubt have an hours worth of updates to get through. Haven't touched it since Mario kart
  15. Just seen it got a 10/10 in Edge magazine. just preordered the WiiU version from, I thought it was supposed to be sold out, but it's in stock with launch day delivery 👍🏻 I litterally know nothing about this game, really hope I like it. I haven't played something stellar in ages and am craving just a good fucking game. I have trust in Zelda
  16. Idle Digging - Shovel Knight

    If you don't own shovel knight, now is the time to buy it its going to get updated to include the two extra campaigns in a few weeks time. Ive just doubled dipped and got it on my PS4. My GOTY 2015. Really looking forward to playing all the new CONTENT
  17. Played through the demo today, good stuff very challenging. Came very close to killing the boss on my own before enlisting the help on an online co-op buddy. Theres a second mission which is a samurai duel against a computer controlled combatant, in which I repeatedly got my ass handed to me. I've barely scratched the surface of the combat mechanics, a lot of which is locked behind a skill tree. A lot more complexity than the souls games. There's a gears of war style active reload thing that'll get you more stamina back faster and can boast your following attacks (which I haven't remotely got the hang of yet) 3 different fighting stances and 5 different weapon types. Plus multiple types of ranged weapons and ammo types. lots of diablo style loot. i think I'd appreciate the game more once I become more familiar with the combat as I've just been mashing this whole time. hopefully it reviews well. Little worried about the longevity as I fear the environments may all be a samey... hopefully they've kept a lot back in the marketing material.
  18. Rocksmith

    Sound! I'll bite the bullet and get the cheaper original game cable. Then I'm all set
  19. Rocksmith

    game for £6 off 'instant gaming'. It was the 2014 edition (not remastered) but then the game just has a free update to the remastered version. Good stuff. Now just need to buy that bloody cable. Is there an difference between the rocksmith and rockmsmith 2014 cable? They look identical but ones £10 cheaper. What cable have you guys got
  20. Yeah I've heard it's a 70 hour game. Dark Souls 3 at 40-50 hours started to really out stay it's welcome, which is giving me second thoughts about this one.
  21. Rocksmith

    Oops I've litterally just bought the £199 Guitar.... and an £80 case, so I can put it in the attic when I never use it
  22. Rocksmith

    Ohhh that looks nice. ive read that the guitars they use in game are all les Paul things? Like for tuning etc. I guess I'm leaning more towards the guitar that came with the game bundle (that aren't availble anymore, if they were I'd just get that)
  23. Rocksmith

    I want to ROCKsmith. Help me choose a guitar! Please. I know absolutely nothing. dint want to spend a huge amount of money because I need to also buy the game, the cable, a strap, some kind of case or stand. Plus there's a 99% chance I won't keep it up. Im looking at £199: and £119 is it worth spending almost double the price for the first one? Will I even notice the difference? Any suggestion or recommendations welcome
  24. Taboo

    Just watched the 4th episode and I'm really liking it. Bit of a slow start, but now there's a hell of a lot going on with Delaney playing everyone off against each other with some silent masterplan, whilst trying to shag his half sister with voodoo magic and maybe even his step mother whist he's at it. I really enjoyed the introduction of the chemist in this episode. Tom Hardy dresses like someone out of bloodbourne, and there's occasionally explosive brutal violence to match. I really like the time period it's set in, feels fresh and different. Only other media that comes to mind is the game The Order. Johnathon Price is fantastic as the raging head of the East India Company. Gatiss in heavy prostetics as the king not so much, seems a bit out of place. And most importantly James Delaney has awesome taste in teaware, the Burleigh Blue Regal Peacock collection is one of my fav's