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  1. Justice League film

    Like a darker, worser avengers Most obvious dog shit song. From the same school as suicide squad. "we need a song about a group of people 'coming together'..."
  2. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    That WW2 rifle reload PING is everything Also, i'm utterly obsessed with this man
  3. CHRISTMAS 2018

  4. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Hell yeah that brings back memories. Whilst we're doing video game music listen to this pure insanity I went down a Kpop rabbit hole the other day Slugdge was originally formed by friends Kevin Pearson and Matt Moss in 2012, as a response to the amount of sludge metal groups named after animals.[1] Inspired by Akercocke, the group themed their songs around a fictional cosmic slug deity called "Mollusca".
  5. Mafia III: Django Unchained

    Is it my imagination or had this game wildly changed tack. Like I'm sure when it was announced as a 4 player co-op experience like Ass Creed Unity? Either way this looks a million times better, having played mafia 1 & 2 I'm glad it's gone in this direction as I feared the game would end up retreading similar ground. Now it full django unchained meets the punisher meets ghost rider.
  6. E3 2018

    Cyberpunk trailer music
  7. E3 2018

    Just seen on Twitter that people think Cyberpunk 2077 will be shown at Microsoft’s presser in a couple of hours. 10x more interested in watching it now never know might see resedient evil 2 remake, although that strikes me more as a Sony conference trailer.... WAIT. Sony’s only showing four games. So we might see a lot of good shit at Microsoft.
  8. The Leftovers (HBO)

    The other day I thought about he leftovers and I couldn’t quite remember Noras explanation of what happened... fast forward to tonight. Pissed. Just watched atomic blond, good shit until the last 15 mins of stupid confusing rubbish, left a bad impression that doesn’t do that film any favours. Anyway. Drunk. thought I’d rewatch the final episode of the leftovers. So fucking good. So much better then anything I’ve watched since. Better as a rewatch. Better drunk. That fucking music makes me cry every fucking time, Nora and Matt saying goodbye at the beginning of the episode. Then Kevin knocking on Nora’s door, whole shit. I’m only 25mins in. Chef kiss anyway, treat yourself, rewatch the last episode x
  9. ATHENAAAAAAAAAAAA the games great. Been absolutely addicted to it since release, credits rolled a couple days ago. Haven’t had a game get it’s claws into me like that since... Bloodbourne, Zelda. Easily best game I’ve played since those. feels great, looks great, sounds great. This guy will get a bafta for sure Ya’ll should play it. It gets better and better as you go through it. i hate games that waste my time, quit persona 5 after 10 hours, utter waste of my life. Whereas I found my time here the most enriching gaming hours I’ve had since like uncharted lost legacy... is that what it’s called? Did I just make up a game. The Chloe DLC. The over the shoulder camera is because you do a lot of axe throwing, mostly for puzzle solving which requires you to look around the environment, sometimes needing to line things up
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    Rhianas dead lol this film is wacky as fuck
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    2 mins later, weird terrible rhiana strip tease :poop emoji:
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    1:19 Ethan Hawk I think I’m in love with cara delavene, and woodswhatever reserve, makes good old fashions
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    Clive Owen! 44mins in an Valerian gets better and better. This film is so gooooodd. After watching Mute early which is 80% dog shit this is my home alone movie bit with drinky poos 💩 Valerian so far has been this best thing I’ve seen this year. So confident. Expert work
  14. Bayonetta

    We need a Bayonetta thread. I made a Bayonetta thread. I started playing the sequel last night and i forgot just how insane these games were. within 30mins my summoned giant hair demon was head-butting godzilla. Lots of F-Bombs! Which was a bit of a shock, I don't remember the first game having lots of swears?
  15. The Good Place

  16. Movie/TV recommendations

    Weirdly this is a Netflix film in Europe, i think we're getting it mid March. Yeah 12th March, how crazy is that
  17. Half-Life 3

  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yo, the cloverfield paradox is really good (with a gin)! quite glad that all I saw was bad reactions/reviews of the film the day it came out, as it’s wildly beat my expectations. I remember reading a comment saying it was really boring, they just stand around talking over charts for 2 hours,,, it really ain’t like that. Great cast, effects etc. People are fucking crazy to be down on this film. What the fuck do people want/expect. Spoilers... similarly people have complained about the ending. It’s fine. Although there’s a massive fake out in the marketing material im drunk and don’t know how to do spoiler tags. Don’t read this...
  19. Xbox 360

    Well, back in the day, like 6 years ago I remember having a USA and japan acccount on my Uk 360 to get demos. I have no idea what the account creation is like these days but back then you just made a new hotmail/outlook email address and the physical address was tied to that. Have you created a new email with address in the UK?
  20. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I just watched that video back to back 3 times I might be a little pissed
  21. iOS Gaming

    New the room game comes out today: The Room Old sins 👍🏻
  22. The sense of an ending movie is free to watch with amazon prime (in the UK at least, maybe everywhere) Don’t actually know if it’s any good... 6.3/10 IMDB. 1h48 seems a bit long for the source material