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  1. Relaxing Strategy Game Suggestions

    There's a fan-made patch that works subtly to fix many of the game's major problems. It's like the splash of water that opens up the whiskey. Difficulty and pacing are both adjusted to the point where they feel correct, and you're given a comfortable amount of leeway to have fun and experiment without feeling frustrated. (Apologies for posting this a year late.)
  2. Alea Jacta Est

    Based on the announcement and accompanying thread, it was to do with Napoleon's Campaigns 2. Paradox had them developing it as a real-time game in the 3D Clausewitz engine, which clearly isn't their metier. I could also have no idea what I'm talking about, mind you.
  3. Alea Jacta Est

    Based on a once-over, it's definitely another Ageod wargame using the Ageod system and the Ageod engine. I'm happy to pay $25 for that. I wouldn't think much of the attention it's not getting. They've no longer got Paradox's promotional power, and even when they did, their games didn't appear to win over anyone who wasn't already on board with them as a developer.
  4. Episode 184: Best-Case Scenario

    The magazine Julian was trying to remember is probably Strategy & Tactics.