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  1. Serial - The Podcast

    So, I know that a few people are listening to this now and I really wanna talk about it in general. The whole thing is absolutely fascinating to me- the story, the process of law, the structure of the show; all of it. However, the real question on my mind right now is - Is it ethical to drag something with so much personal hurt (a murder) into the public light in such an intimate fashion when most of the people involved are still alive, in this, the age of harassment and doxxing? Does it cause more harm to those involved to have their story told in such a way?
  2. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    edit: Twig beat me to the snark.
  3. "Content providers are going to provide you with content to engage with. You're going to engage with brands though their content, Steve." "Can I consume the content?" "You can consume it as long as you also engage with it." "...I can engage with content, therefore connecting with the brand....ohhhh and then they start screaming." This exchange is like excerpt from a Margaret Atwood Novel. Truly, this was a cast of rare quality.
  4. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    have you ever forgotten something on the stove? you put on a reduction or a large pot of tomato sauce on to simmer, then you drink a bottle of wine on the patio and, by the time you remember there was still something on the burner, all that's left is a thin, stinking layer of bubbling tar smoking up the kitchen and ruining your cookware. I think the current state of the gators is kinda like that- the volume is gone but the remaining residue is pretty vile.
  5. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    The Ethics Memorial Compost Heap discovers that sometimes friends talk about each others books. John Scalzi ensues.
  6. Life

    We found a house in Redwood City that is exactly what we wanted and more affordable than hoped for. Signing papers on Friday. Sometimes things work out nice
  7. Life

    So, this is happening in a few weeks. Dr.Girlfriend and I will be in attendance and loving every second of it. She got me into bird watching a year ago and it's completely changed how I approach backpacking, biking and pretty much everything else. Last summer on a solo trip in the Emigrant Wilderness I spent most of an afternoon watching a Western Tanager tending it's nest. I sat down, pulled out my flask and proceeded to have a full on John Muir-style beauty-of-the-wilderness moment, while, in my head, my simulation of David Attenborough narrated what I was seeing. There was a time I would have looked up, seen a pretty yellow bird and kept walking. I've been backpacking most of my life, so it came a such a surprise to notice something new, or, rather, to see something that had been there all along in a new way. If you get a chance to go birding (or backpacking for that matter) with someone who knows a little about what they are doing, I highly recommend it.
  8. Life

    computer error? already transfer you within the system maybe? I hope everything turns out ok, moves are stressful. You could check out The Field Museum. I've never been but it looks pretty damn cool. Have fun!
  9. Didactic Thumbs (Pedantry Corner)

    People is the plural of person. However, because we tend to use VIP as it's own word, VIPs is the plural of VIP. So, when written, shouldn't it be 'Very Important People' for longhand and, also, VIPs for shorthand?
  10. Life

    So things went well-ish and you came out of it with an Illuminati dad? I hope things continue to improve
  11. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    this makes me happy and I wish there were statements of equivalent tone from every single company.
  12. I need help. Dr. Girlfriend and I will be moving to the South Bay and, wow, is the housing situation there gruesome. We both have pretty good jobs, but not 4k a month good and I am finding my usual methods less than fruitful in terms of results. Any reliable resources for finding a place to live that you can recommend? Thanks thumbs!
  13. Bay Area People, Lend Me Your Thumbs!

    Doug, this is actually really helpful. Thank you My office is in San Carlos which we are treating as the northern boundry of our search. We want a house but fully accept that it may not happen. As for the hunt for signs method, this will be happening in a few weeks. I'm excited to be in the area.
  14. Life

    Happy friday, Twig! I hope you run into a cool lady whilst out doing something you enjoy.
  15. Life

    Thank you! I know a lot of people struggle with this exact situation, so I'm feeling pretty lucky.
  16. Life

    or at least initiate a few border skirmishes.
  17. Life

    The past 2 weeks have been the most exhausting emotional roller coaster. Dr. Girlfriend got home from over seas, we had one really nice day together and then she got so sick that I thought she was going to die. It was terrifying. There was a huge ordeal getting her to the hospital due to words like 'quarantine' and failures on the part of the various medical bureaucracies involved. Then there were many days at the hospital, the details of which I wont go into, but they were alternately scary and interesting. I camped out in the chair next to her bed a lot. Last Saturday she was discharged and is doing fine now. In the middle of all of that my boss called and informed me that I had been awarded my transfer to the South Bay. The next day Dr. Girlfriend matched for the residency program of her choice- about 20 miles from my new office. Our plan, that has been ongoing for months, worked- we managed to move both our careers to the same place, no one had to quit their job and it's a location that we can stand. So, now we are house hunting and things are looking up. When i'm done being completely exhausted I'll be overjoyed. Right now i'm just happy that no one died. P.s. Holy shit, the peninsula is absurdly expensive.
  18. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I absolutely agree. I guess If that's your thing, well, ok, good for you. There are a lot of things I will never understand about the world and this is just one more of them. As to poking the bear- In the case of GG, what is to be gained? Logic is ineffective when arguing with them and, in general, most of them just follow the lead of whatever mob they happen to be in at the time. They tend to lack the self awareness necessary to feel shame for the pain and weirdness their little cult has wrought; so appeals to basic humanity are out. All in all, they behave just like your standard, garden variety conspiracy theorists and fanatics- so wrapped up in their own delusions of being the only sane people in a world where everyone is against them that they can't let themselves believe anything else. Honestly, If I wanted to be reminded that a pretty decent portion of humanity gets their rocks off on the suffering and torment of others....wait, why would I want to be reminded of that, that's terrible. (note: this is my opinion on the form of interaction that A Man In Black and others are using which I see as different than standing up for and supporting the people GG target with their nastiness.)
  19. Idle Thumbs Forums.... I choose you!

    welcome! how's the milkman gig working out?
  20. anime

    Oh man, Space Satan. Well, that's next Halloween covered.
  21. Life

    I think i understand what you're driving at here but, man, phrasing. context for those that need it:
  22. anime

    In true anime fashion, he will be co-piloting a giant mech (code name: Holy Ghost) with his father, God, whom he dislikes intensely. Every episode they will put aside their differences in order to save the planet from things like Death Metal or Dancing. Sometimes they will team up with Giant mechs from other religions including Shiva, Odin & Osirus. The phase 'Holy Ghost: Trinity Formation!' will be yelled in unison often.
  23. Where in the World - Idle Thumbs Map

  24. Life

    I think, of all his characters, Sam Vimes has had the most profound affect on me. Of all the heroes in all of the myriad books I've read over my life, he's the one character that a part of me really does look up to. ....don't mind me, i'm going to be curled up under a pile of blankets with a bourbon, reading Snuff and totally not crying.
  25. Life

    If you are into audiobooks, pretty much anything of his that is narrated by Stephen Briggs is an excellent place to start. If you were to just pick something up I would recommend Thief of Time as a good place to start.