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  1. Spelunky!

    "You gotta use the kid..."
  2. Spelunky!

    I used to track the ghost by musical queues. I don't need the timer but I sure would like that hud.
  3. Spelunky!

    Pretty much this is my problem with it. That seed of doubt is in my brain now.
  4. Spelunky!

    Gross. I didn't need to know this existed.
  5. Spelunky!

    So the daily challenge for 01/21/14 is an eggplant seed with a very convenient jetpack early on. I mean, I still died horribly after my plant was smashed but I appreciate the opportunity.
  6. Spelunky!

    #TeamSpikes I like to be on the winning side.
  7. Spelunky!

    Celebrating 100 hours of Spelunky play today. Here's to 100 more.
  8. Spelunky!

    Congrats. Speedlunky was the worst for me so far and I was nowhere near 6 mins. Which coffin do you need to unlock?
  9. Spelunky!

    Ahh sorry. I've had a lot of experiences like that. Also when I was working toward Speedlunky I did get stunned by Olmec last minute and left his door around 8:10 which bummed me out. The fish was a pain to get into the journal. I just swam toward it and had it kill me.
  10. Spelunky!

    I haven't full-on tried for Low Scorer yet. I would occasionally mess around dodging money when I was going for my speed run just as a break. I usually die somewhere in the Jungle because of it. You can't aggro the shopkeepers because they spray money when they die. You can't buy anything because you are broke. It's rough. ***Edit**** Down to my last achievement. Low Scorer. Don't know if I'll ever manage it, but full completion might fulfill my Spelunky obsession.
  11. Spelunky!

    In 1-2 I got a pickaxe and got a bunch of early gems. I didn't start ghostrunning until I robbed the black market where I stole a jetpack. By that point I had around 50 bombs and another pickaxe. I then used the ghost on all subsequent levels getting every gem possible. I actually got to 500k before reaching the city of gold in 4-2. Unfortunately after killing Anubis 2 I forgot that I was a wanted man and I was gunned down at the exit. It's not the end of the world that my score doesn't get logged. I only have one Steam friend that seriously plays Spelunky. I just want to bask in my achievement and it just annoys me. Speaking of achievements I only have two left: Low Scorer and Good Teamwork. I'm wondering for the latter if I can just create a 2nd character and carry him through all of the levels. I don't know anyone local who cares enough/ is good enough to help me out with it.
  12. Spelunky!

    So today I finally broke 500,000 gold but it doesn't reflect on the leaderboard because Steam keeps crapping out due to the Holiday Sale. Does anybody know if there is a way to refresh on the leaderboard? My score appears on my "Personal Best" and in my screen caps but that's about it.
  13. I kind of skipped most games like this, so it's pretty new to me. I think the first one I played was Fate, which was much worse at punishing you for your decisions. I played the beta of Diablo 3 and that was about it.
  14. Spelunky!

    I used to play as the Buddha because it helped control my rage. Whenever Buddha died and I was feeling a surge of anger I could just step back and think "WWBD?" Now I play as Yang because I went to so much trouble unlocking him. Meat boy is pretty great too. *** What's funny about the above conversation is that you do technically unmask King Yama.
  15. I'm around 30 hours in and the only respeccing I chose to do was easily covered by the respeccing points I got from Orbs of Regret and Quest rewards. I like how the game makes you think about your decisions before you make them. It's like when you use items to customize an already enchanted item. You take a gamble and see how it pays off. I don't think it's a flawed design decision as most games when you think about it work this way. We're just used to being able to respec in Diablo clones. You can't respec in Demons Souls, Dark Souls or Dragon Age (I believe, it's been a while). I appreciate that my choices matter and I spend more time making my decision because of it. That's just how I play games though. I think mindless respeccing leads to system fatigue faster. Then again, endlessly grinding to respec might also lead to fatigue...