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  1. Perhaps we need another acronym like MMORPG or Lords Management for rogue like, perhaps? RLL, rogue like like? RLL, like the old hard drives.
  2. Thanks for letting me be in your steam community.
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey! First time, long time. Isn't that what they say on radio call-in shows?
  4. Steam Greenlight

    Yeah I think you hit the nail on the head.
  5. Steam Greenlight

    For some reason I keep thinking about the game Space Pirates and Zombies, SPAZ. I remember it wasn't available on steam at first and it seems like after it picked up momentum it was available within a week or two. In contrast the guy that made DLC Quest had a sort of crushing video about his steam rejection even though he had momentum already on xbox live. I feel like greenlight was designed to smooth over issues like this but i'm not going to click through 20 pages of stuff to vote on games I've never heard of. Seems like your game still needs to have momentum outside of steam for greenlight to work for you.
  6. Recently completed video games

    Ya know, I think I'm gonna spend my weekend doing this, thanks!
  7. Recently completed video games

    I recently just finished Fall Out New Vegas for the PC. That last guy with the sword was IMPOSSIBLE, my speech skill was high enough that I could talk him out of fighting which I did, but not after A LOT of tries to kill him. I feel like I "soft" beat the game. Still a lot of game breaking bugs 2 years on, I guess after they didn't get the publisher bonus they shelved any ideas of fixing the remaining issues, can't say I blame them.