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  1. A Song Of Ice And Fire

    I've only read the first book, so I'll throw that out first. I'm curious how many people enjoy both the book and the TV show? I read the first book and then started watching the DVDs of season 1 of the TV show and quickly gave up. I guess for me it just seemed like I know everything already (plus some things when acted out just seemed silly in comparison to how I envisioned them). I'm not trying to knock the TV show (or the book), just curious if others have had trouble consuming both forms? Now to finish my current cook so I can read A Clash of Kings.
  2. Three Moves Ahead 172 - I AM WARLOCKED

    I really liked this episode, inspired me to pick up the game on Steam Sale. At some point in my game I just stumbled across 2 unguarded opposing warlock cities. I conquered them not thinking anything of it only to then find he had 3 more heavily fortified cities right after those 2. Now I'm stuck in this just constant onslaught of enemy units and using all my resources to just try and hold those 2 cities. Totally zaps my whole effort in the game. Reminds me of some of what Rob talked on the show where you just can't fight on 2 fronts, etc... It's been a cool experience, not my usual game.