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  1. The Walking Dead

    I agree with the overall "Fuck Kenny" sentiment
  2. Dishonored - or - GIFs By Breckon

    I am really, really loving this game. I love the silent protagonist thing because it allows me to develop Corvo in my head. In my head, Corvo is a nice guy who had a rough time in prison and he really just wants a drink and a bath. And no one will give these things to him. People are like "Oh, are you murdering someone RIGHT NOW? Then go sleep, recharge your murder batteries." I tend to panic when I switch weapons and I thought that I really finally had it totally down while i was crouching up in the rafter at the distillery. I was just going to fire off a shot to alarm the guards so I could separate them and pick them off nonviolently, and I didn't realize I had the wrong ammo equipped. So, now there's a guard on fire, screaming, and all his friends are wondering where the sick bastard who set their buddy on fire is. ...oops. Also I enjoy flirting with Granny Rags, which probably says bad things about my overall character.
  3. The Walking Dead

    This game has a way of throwing a charater under the bus right when I've been remarking to my S/O how much I like that character. To me the best and worst part of the game is that I really like Lee. I'm an artist/bartender and I love intelligent patrons. I bet Lee's a good tipper, even. I would make him an Old Fashioned and ask him why specifically he chose American History, because I've always been more taken with European History. Don't die, Lee. I love you. I think it was dirty pool for Idle Thumbs to have that 'countdown to tears' when they were basically secretly sitting on weeping plutonium. It's them, they are the tear-jerkers.
  4. The Walking Dead

    well, I finished Chapter 4. I did not see that coming. *weeps*
  5. Idle Thumbs 69: I Had a Gleam

    The voiceacting really doesn't help. It seriously sounds like they hired a disinterested phone-sex operator. I don't even really believe she's enjoying all this pain! His wife is pretty much hearing her husband's computer make an awkward seduction attempt at him. If I have to listen to my husband's computer try to seduce him, he better at least be listening to Shodan.
  6. Idle Thumbs 69: I Had a Gleam

    Yeah, I was hesitantly looking forward to DotA because I kind of liked League of Legends but it wasn't all the way there for me with the character designs and I was thinking 'Heh yeah Valve is gonna show them how it's done!' and then when I saw the hero screen on the website I was so disappointed. I didn't realize it was going to be such a clone of the original that they weren't going to redesign the heroes much except to polish them up a little. So, it gets to inherit all the boring sexist designs decisions of DotA which inherited the boring sexist design decisions of mid 90s Blizzard. Kinda weird. I really want to like that genre too. Except I don't, because I don't want to get sucked into a game that competitive. But I love character design and monster design, so I love the concept of a game that's just various character designs hitting each other. But no one has made one with designs that really appeal to me yet.