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  1. City of Steam is now open! Are you ready to play? Go here and start your journey into Nexus right now!
  2. Many updates for City of Steam recently! But here we got a big one - we announced the release date for "early admission" Beta. The full announcement can be found here: Feel free to share this around!
  3. We’ve just released a dev journal about a new feature, the Wilderness, which is a public instance where many players can be in at once. Please check more details through the following link if interested:
  4. Hi everyone, check out our latest dev journal for PAX preparations and more.
  5. Well, Beta Collaborator Packs are nearing the end... Don't miss your chance to get one before they disappear forever, this Friday, February 1st!
  6. Keep up the votes for our Greenlight project everyone, we've got a good chance to get greenlit next month.
  7. Gates of CBT finally closed, but don't slacken off guys, Beta will be coming up soon, along with more new features and content, so stay tuned!
  8. Still remember our Steam-o-Meter dev humiliation extras promise? Well, we just rolled out a about it, ENJOY!
  9. Thanks for the compliment, looking forward to seeing you back in just hours. (Summercrest will start shortly!)
  10. Springtide finally closed its gates... A million thanks to all who joined in and helped us test the game. As always, you can rest assured that we'll work on those bugs, and keep polishing up the game. We all look forward to seeing you back on Nov. 30 again to play DWARVES! Also, keep up your outstanding support for the Steam-o-Meter, we're getting closer to 3M points.
  11. Hey everyone, just wanted to drop by and give you a final reminder for City of Steam Beta: the first Beta Weekend will launch in around 15 hours! If you are interested in joining in, sign up for our newsletter for a chance to receive a key (and regular development updates as well); also, check out our partners, they might still have a few keys left to give out. If you grabbed one already, great! Free your schedule and get ready to swarm into The Refuge tonight!
  12. Let’s take a new glance at the Steam-o-Meter after one week of its release. The great thing is that really awesome stuff like “Powered Gauntlets” and “Challenge Dungeons” have already been unlocked and pushed to be ready for Closed Beta… and now we’re getting so close to the first Dev Humiliation ever. So everyone, keep pushing up the points and unlocking more early content (wouldn't you like to see that cute Marshpuggle?)
  13. Hey everyone, we've got plenty of great news share recently, so forgive me if this seems a bit spammy (but else to spread the news on stuff like this..?) First!Closed Beta Test will start on Nov. 16th (see more details via the announcement here), coupled with more content and contests; Second! we just got a new up, so please share the video with your friends and help spread the word out.;Third! we now have brand new Beta Collaborator Packs, if you missed the Alpha packs, this is your chance to get a bunch of awesome extras for Beta! Lastly, as we also have some goals to reach in Closed Beta, we do need your support to make them achievable. Check out the bonus content you could get in CBT on your Steam-o-Meter (it even includes developer humiliations; we may regret our enthusiasm later…). Whew, ok, that was a lot of news, sorry for dropping so much on your guys at once… I’m glad to hear your comments on this though, so be sure to let me know what you think, or ask those questions I’m sure are crossing your mind!
  14. Sleeping Dogs

    Just finished the game, don't like the ending...but still got lots of tasks to complete, some of them are really awesome!
  15. Check out a funny little video we made while stressed-out over getting City of Steam Beta ready. Feel free to leave us a comment, too! As always, keep an eye on our Dev Journals for latest development progress we've made, and share your thoughts. Beta should be rearing its head out sometime in November.