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    making computers, playing computer games, making computer games, playing with my kids
  1. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello everyone, My first time on the forums, but have been an Idle Thumbs listener since 2009. I've been a gamer since the understanding of a controller and only in the last 8 years have I been a die hard PC gamer. I found the Idle Thumbs podcast when I used to commute to work by train (4 hours a day on the train is a long time) I had always wanted to participate at events like PAX or E3, and attend the meetups with the thumbs crew, but as I live in Japan it was kind of a hard sell to my wife. This year was very lucky to be returning home to Vancouver, Canada just in time for PAX Prime, and lucky me was able to get a ticket. I hope to have a chance to meet everyone if there is a meetup this year. Hope this was enough for a hello.
  2. PAX here I come!