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  1. There is this humming noise in this episode that is really annoying, especially since i listen to the podcast with my headphones. plz fix tia
  2. Idle Thumbs 97: The Dash Rendar Synergy

    The picture of Dash Rendar on wookiepedia is pretty great.
  3. Chris Crawford kickstarts a new game

    For some reason I mixed up Chris Crawford with Chris Sawyer and I was about to run and get my credit card until I realized my error. Chris Sawyer should make another game.
  4. Return of the Rise of the Triads

    I've never played the original but what strikes me about this trailer is how downright ugly the game looks, horrible colors and really bad character models remind of a fan made remake of something or that Wolfenstein game from 2009 that no one cared about.
  5. Idle Thumbs 67: Dot Gobbler

    There is not a .jpg in the world I more want to get on my hard drive right now than a sticker-less version of that Dot Gobbler cover.