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  1. Ideas for 3MA shows

    This seems right up the panels alley... Ultimate General for ipad and PC. Made by Nick Thomadis otherwise knows as Darth Vader, the guy that did all the Darthmods for the Total War games. The pics of UG look great. Devils in the details, I'd love the TMA crew to take a look at the game and see what they think. *edit* Just noticed its been Greenlit on Steam and sounds like release is not too far away. If TMA do talk to this fellow please ask why no Android release, as an Android gamer I do get tired of good releases passing me by and this looks like a game I would enjoy more on my tablet while cruising around rather than sitting at my PC. I'm getting sick of sitting at my PC
  2. Episode 250: More Than a Box

    Congrats on episode 250! Here is hoping to 250 more
  3. Episode 245: Auld Lang Zerg

    Just dropped in to another great show and keep it going strong in 2014
  4. Ideas for 3MA shows

    Galciv 3 has been announced. I've heard Paxton on Polycast, has he been on TMA before? My brain is saying he may have been but I'm not sure.... Ah yes! After a brief search episode 195: Fallen Enchantress with Derek Paxton. I must say I am interested. I hope that with Paxton involved the game will move away from its horrible economic system (tax slider that can be moved in increments of 1% each turn). I almost signed up for the Beta access. Maybe a podcast on it will sway me, you can even say that to Paxton to get him on the show
  5. Episode 234: Seeking New God

    I think its mechanics are quite simple in that the maths for determining everything is pretty easy to understand. There are no complex equations as its generally a bunch of open d6 rolls to see who gets the higher score.
  6. Episode 234: Seeking New God

    Great podcast. As a long time Dom3 player I really enjoyed hearing the developers talk about the game. I could see Tom pushing for a more in depth study of the game and they were not going for it, which of course is ok. I do feel there could be an in-depth study of the game, it has simple mechanics that combine to become complex in its execution. The nations are imbalanced but in the single player game thats ok because its like in in-built difficulty switch on top of whats already available. For multiplayer I'm sure the fans will create another CBM mod to balance it all out. A big change has been the way magic works due to increased research costs and more fleshed out early magic, especially for summons as now you can better dump magic gems into summoning units for an early game boost. Its subtle but its there. Lastly, I love Dominions 3 and 4 (versions I have played) because no other fantasy strategy game excels at creating unique nations and from that a rich game world. The clay and marble armies of MA Agartha vs the freespawn carrion creatures of MA Asphodel vs the freespawn undead hoards of Ermor vs the human bureaucracy of Tien Chi. And so much more. I've been gaming in one form or another for 30 years, the Dominions series is such an immersive gem achieved not through flashy graphics but great world lore design that seems to come around very rarely.
  7. Episode 231: Odi et... odi.

    You still scored 80% on metacritic with Rome 2: HTML War
  8. Episode 231: Odi et... odi.

    Veni, vidi, vici ipsum
  9. Episode 231: Odi et... odi.

    Sry double post but.... Had to post this. In reply to the Wargame: AB cast I showed these two from the Good Game TV show, and held them up as what happens when non-strategy gamers review strategy games. Well now they have reviewed Total 2: Rome War (or whatever it calls itself) In short, they would have me purchasing this game in a heartbeat.
  10. Episode 231: Odi et... odi.

    Just listened to the cast, yeah CA what have you done? I think there was a quote somewhere in the cast about a mish-mash of idea's masquerading as game design, great summery. I remember playing Medieval TW (the first iteration) and they had this great system where spears and pikes got bonuses if they remained in formation. This was great because you would be skimming around the battlefield glancing at your spears/pikes and if they were ordered you knew they were ok, if they were starting to look a jumble then you knew things were going bad and if they had enemy swords amongst them you knew they were stuffed. It was simple and worked visually really well. Then with Rome TW and Medieval 2 TW this was gone and I thought "this is a real step backwards". For me this marked the start of the simplification while increasing complexity (but not necessarily game design) on the strategic map. Oh CA! What have you done!
  11. Episode 231: Odi et... odi.

    Very much looking forward to listening to this episode. CA for too long has had crap strategic level gameplay. This is the first Total War game I have completely disregarded buying at release and from what I have seen on the real reviewers I am justified. Not happy CA.....
  12. Episode 228: A New Universe

    Great show with a lot of enthusiasm. EU4 is a game thats easy to be enthusiastic about. I'm looking forward to people uploading their best and most interesting CK2 saves for general use.
  13. Wheres the link for the 3 second game changing moment slowed down to run for eight minutes?
  14. Episode 225: Brave New World

    I think you will find there is a whole class of players that love to kick an AI's ass in whatever game they play. I don't yet play on Diety level so I guess I am not competent at computer games....