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  1. Masculinity

    I take some issue with the have you encountered the softboy article. A lot of those behaviors described read as "I'm 23 years old and I'm a fucking idiot", rather than a systematized subculture that creates predatory behavior. That doesn't excuse shit behavior or mean you shouldn't think or talk about how both embracing or rejecting traditional masculinity still leads down paths that can create bad patterns, but it has very definitely obfuscated the concept that The Softboy is a thing to me.
  2. bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    Is it safe? Lol, no. Easy? Lol, no. Ethically sound? Ever heard of silk road? Lol, no. The head of the Mt Gox bitcoin exchange is currently on trial for embezzlement after it "lost" 850,000 bitcoins and millions of dollars a few years ago. The questions you didn't ask though - Is it instructive? Is it fucking hilarious? Those are both Lol, yes. Bitcoins have taught thousands of libertarian nerds how dangerous and volatile currency speculation is, and also why we have banks. It was conceived as an idea about replacement of state currency but the only way it works is attaching a currency value to it, so as it exists presently it's nothing more than a digital commodity. When someone's a sneaky snake and either makes a dubious transaction or takes your precious bits in a way that is completely legal but wouldn't be if they were dollars, it's very exciting to see a bunch of sovereign state knuckleheads yell and scream that the government needs to get involved to regulate the market.
  3. Oh gosh, now I'm even more excited about West of Loathing! RE: Battlegrounds betting talk, the hurdle you didn't talk about much is the one that's easiest to solve. It'll be testable that you can properly monitor 100 people in the same space playing battlegrounds because they're doing that at Gamescom later this month!
  4. I certainly trust folks in the Thumbs community, but the Waypoint mods would encourage anyone who isn't particularly interested in the discord outside of Battlegrounds to seek other spots. Not like they're hard to find, what with the biggest game in the universe being full of people playing, but it's definitely a good community.
  5. Porn-y? I have literally no idea what you're talking about or how you could pull what I said into that. It wasn't a joke though, this thread should probably be locked.
  6. Fuck sorry, I was googling and accidentally posted it my bad. This is the thing I only ever think about when people say the words "Kingdom Hearts" (Ryan is in that clip, as a head's up)
  7. U.S. Healthcare Reform
  8. I'm sure the folks here that aren't interested in any stuff with Dan in it didn't listen to Danswers, but that show ended up being surprisingly boring because every answer ended up being "we realize we're white men of privilege so there's only so far any advice we give anyone who isn't literally all of those things will go, but as people who suffer from anxiety and depression the thing you should do is reach out for professional help because there's no substitute. If you're having an issue with a relationship the best thing you can do is talk to your SO about it, writing into a podcast isn't going to produce magic answers." I seriously can't believe how often I defend fucking Dan Ryckert in these, the pages of the idle thumbs forums, but I have heard from his mouth over and over again how getting over the stigma of having anxiety and accepting that he could go to a doctor, see a therapist, and talk to his friends and family to help him was the biggest part of what he's done.
  9. I linked to Graham's review mostly because he's the game's press person I know is most passionate about both soccer and video game soccer, so I tend to trust his opinion when it comes to kicking near men. I am delighted to see other folks are enjoying it, and it has a lot of positive steam review.
  10. Dan is wrong of course, but not liking pickles because of a summer of gross hot mcdonalds pickle car is probably the most sympathetic and understanding I've ever felt to one of his moronities.
  11. I was afraid this might be the result from watching the trailer. The unfortunate thing about making a joke sports game is it still needs to be a really good sports game. Curious if anyone's played it and can confirm or rebut Graham.
  12. Dan's throwing stones from glass houses. He holds up the least coherent video game story of all time on a pedestal as the pinnacle of game writing and then goes after Assassin's Creed, which is at least explainable.
  13. The best place to find matches is the thumbs slack or about 150 discord channels. A bunch of us play basically every day and many people here squad up, but we're generally forming teams in one of the discord channels (The waypoint discord has a very active battlegrounds community).
  14. I swear I saw a post that said this, but that's almost exactly how the match starts. There's a cutscene that shows Teens around a fire, Jason appears and eviscerates someone, and the Teens scatter to their starting locations hidden behind the cutscene load. It's not as player driven as suggested, but it's note for note how it works.
  15. SGDQ 2017

    I really don't care about 2d JRPGs, so it doesn't matter how good the Finals Fantasy, Chronos Trigger, or Unders Tale they end with I tune out at that point. In the same way I lose interest in the FPS level breaking, the intricacies of manipulating the programming of them is totally lost on me.
  16. SGDQ 2017

    I wanna see Hollow knight, because I want to see how the hell you beat that game in an hour. A differently-mapped Doom run is also interesting. Dishonored was neat but I'm willing to bet Dishonored 2 is going to be the same thing - finding seams in the level geometry, blinking to exploit them, using mana potions properly. It's impressive but not crazy exciting to watch. OH I want to watch someone beat Divinity: Original Sin as fast as possible too. I hear there's some crazy barrel tech. Little bit sad that they've run out of ways to make Super Metroid the true finale, Save vs Kill is one of my favorite parts. TBF they also killed their own hydra with the way they handled it live at AGDQ this winter.
  17. Janina was fuckin great. It was sad to hear her feel the need to do "no for real I'm a woman and I like games" thing, just because it's unfortunate that's still a fight we need to have every 6 weeks.
  18. I've seen recipes where the instructions are to slice garlic, but I've never seen recipes where cloves are called slices.
  19. I definitely got my push down the road towards a history degree due to Civilization and Age of Empires. God I wish I'd found those space-y games, a math or science degree from video games would have been so much more helpful.
  20. This is by far my favorite Let's Play, although with the right author anything from Paradox has a chance to be a gem. I can't believe this is over 10 years old.