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  1. DayZ

    Well hopefully the next time I find a decent pack I'll be able to dump stuff and grab it properly. Thanks for looking! It's a GOG install, that was the best sale. I've done a BUNCH of googling, and it basically ranges from "hey stop hacking you jerk you get what you deserve" to "no known fix" to "restart your computer". The third option has worked with limited success, but I've not been able to carry over any character. To be fair this is by far the best run I've ever had so that wasn't a big deal, but I also can't remember if I survived any previous sessions. On the official BIS forums they have you submit information about where you got the game, IP address, etc, so I've done that and had a ticket opened. We'll see where that goes. It would just be fun to load up the game and 1) have it work and 2) not have the specter of losing all my progress by default when I do get in. e: apparently there's a GOG support article I'll have to look over and try when I get home. I didn't even think to specify which non-Steam install I was using. I think that did it! I never even thought to be GOG-specific. I owe you all my blood packs and morphine.
  2. DayZ

    Aww, crap. Yeah there was a bunch of stuff surrounding it, but I didn't want to take it because my pack was almost full. I'll remember that for next time. I even dropped my own pack right on the ground. Thank goodness I was able to pick it up again. I think the one lying there was an Alice pack? I've heard those are quite good. May be a moot point, because I think every time I restart my computer to be able to log back in I get wiped, but thanks for the advice!
  3. DayZ

    Holy smokes this game is intense! My very first spawn I found more axes than I could ever carry, and axed about a dozen zombies. I also found a location that had 5-6 medical tents. The very first firearm I found was an M16, and were you watching me play you would have been able to tell because I yelled "HOLY SHIT AN M16!" With no rounds. So I loaded up on morphine, blood, bandages, painkillers, epi pens, everything I could carry. I climbed on the roof to survey my surroundings, and attracted a zombie. My choice was lug the M16 and hope I could find ammo, or have the axe and have to defend myself. I eventually died literally trying to bandage myself, shaking, surrounded by all the medical supplies in the world but no bullets. I finally had success though! I found a winchester, and magazines. MULTIPLE magazines! A pistol! I had food, a hunting knife, matches, but no drinks. Started losing blood due to thirst, aggro'd a zombie, had to shoot it while shaking. Thank god that zombie liked pepsi. I drank it right on the spot while other zombies closed in, but now I was able to outrun them. Snuck into a supermarket under cover of darkness and loaded up with more supplies than I've ever seen in my life including a map. It's zombie christmas. Now I'm following power lines, I believe eastward. Finally curled up under a tower to sleep because it was dark. Questions- I found a different pack in the store, but couldn't pick it up. I didn't have the option to interact with it at all. Is there something special I have to do; are packs bugged? A process question - whenever I log out of a server and try to log back in, I get "CD Key in use". It seems like restarting my computer fixes it? Is there any other fix someone knows so that I don't have to restart every time? My SSD died and I'm running on a crunchy old drive that I'm afraid is going to explode and it takes forever. Plus if I do that, will I have to start over? I've never picked up where I left off on a character. I don't know if that's just happenstance or something to do with blanking out the key? I've had to reselect a gender every time I successfully load into a server, etc. Ach, this is a long post.
  4. I'm not certain we are? What I'm saying is that considering the genre, the writing team had an incredible amount of freedom to do whatever they wanted. Essentially, they were beholden to the gametype because of the Spec Ops franchise name (modern military), and they had a location (sand). Maybe I'm interpreting it incorrectly, but as far as shooters go that might as well be a blank canvass, essentially unconstrained. If we are both agreeing that they were allowed to make any 3rd person game with automatic weapons they wanted, then cheers!
  5. Well no, if I understand correctly the lead writer had been on the project the whole time, and his constraints were "it's a modern military shooter set in Dubai. Ready, go."
  6. Jake, I got your analogy! It wasn't about the character's actions in the movie it was how it made you feel while watching it. I understand! Shit I explained the joke.
  7. This certainly colors my take and approach on the game, but after listening to Gamespot's spoiler podcast that had the lead writer and designer of the game, it sounds like they were attempting to craft an experience close to what other barry had. If I remember correctly he specifically mentioned the potential of turning off the game as a player choice. Whether or not that execution catches with you while playing is something different altogether. It might be worth a listen for anyone that's been intrigued about the Spec Ops discourse over the summer.
  8. Books on Sport

    If you're a baseball fan, I highly recommend The Hall of Nearly Great Each chapter is a from a different writer about a different ballplayer who just missed greatness and the Hall of Fame for one reason or another. Awesome read. It's ebook only at present if that factors into your decision. e: everyone should read Moneyball. It's not really about baseball, it's about people and market strategies.
  9. I hadn't ever listened to her voice acting before. That sounds like someone tried to figure out if they wanted to be Katey Sagal or Sigourney Weaver and landed in a boring middle.
  10. Idle Thumbs 67: Dot Gobbler

    I think the largest issue with achievements is they're required inclusions of the platform, and have a fixed min/max value and count. That means that EVERY game on the platform has a fixed "value" outside of the experience of playing the game itself. But because every game is ostensibly worth playing for your sweet-ass Gamer Score, we're now trapped in a position where if you were permitted to ship a game with no achievement points there is a visible section of gamers who would view your product as inherently less valuable because you have 25 less intrusive popups during your playtime. If you've ever heard "That game is an easy 1000 points, you should play it", that is the neat 5-second bow on the garbage pile of why achievements are bullshit.
  11. Unreal Tournament is the gold standard for my level of cursing. If a game can make me burn ears in excitement, frustration, and anticipation like UT did for teenage Badfinger, that's pretty fucking good. On top of that, original-style Assault and its levels might be the best FPS game mode ever made. There was also the fact that I had friends who made entire levels dedicated to our own game mode we made up, and a friend who replaced about 3/4 of the bots with customized bots that were named after Alien franchise characters and had the appropriately scaled deadliness to those characters. That's not a flaw against Quake's lack of those things I suppose so much as super bonus points to UT's customization and the ability to grab high school juniors and not let go.
  12. Does anyone have a good recommendation for hotkeys? I haven't touched them, and all the item slots are currently on the num pad. That seems... horrible? Maybe because I still just don't know item builds and what the hell to do with that, but I feel like I can see 2002 from here. It's clearly a complete product, but even after all this iteration I can feel the Warcraft mod leaching through. Some stuff just feels obfuscated for its own sake as opposed to nuance or complexity. I think I need a dota buddy. :[ vvvv Is there a hotkey for "center on character"? I kept hitting spacebar to do that out of reflex. Forget the courier, I don't even know what to buy let alone have a fat pony deliver it to me.
  13. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello friends. I was convinced to join the Lords Management Consortium via the podcast, and have now been convinced to join the Idle Forums as well. It seems nice.
  14. Cool, I will do that thank you. I have actually been a consortium member for a week or two! I was persuaded to join via the talking it up on the progress/casts. I'm plain old "Badfinger", same avatar on Steam. I would be more than happy to junk around with fellow incompetents and learn things. For example, what the hell is the courier. e: since this is as good a place as any to ask, maybe someone could recommend good crossovers of similar characters from LoL to Dota? I started jungling because no one else ever did, and I'll say I'm... competent? at it. I really like Udyr, Nocturne, Nautilus, Riven, Olaf, Warwick. For carries I like Ashe and Graves, and I like playing support characters as well.
  15. I'm really asking more of where I can go talk to people here in real time and ask questions, rather than how to find the rote tactics and mechanics of a particular hero. If I jump back in, I'd like it to be with an organized group who can lead a neophyte into the forest and it's better to be up front and chat first. If it's somewhere earlier in the thread I apologize, I must have missed it. Also thanks for the heads up on bots, when I fired it up before I don't think bots were an option.
  16. Hi all! Vanaman's got me in the DOTA grasp. I've played LoL for about a year, and have been in the DOTA 2 beta for a while, but have only played about 5 games total and haven't played in months. The lure of potentially meeting people who can help teach me this exactly the same but totally different game is overwhelming. What should I do to introduce myself in a game setting and request to be taught with baby kid gloves?