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  1. Ack! I can't believe you teased talking about Torchlight II and then didn't, Mr. Remo! After your affection for the first one I'm interested in hearing how you find the second, especially with the parallels being drawn to Diablo 2. Any chance of getting Max Schaefer on for another chat? Also: really enjoyed the discussion of video games vis-a-vis children during the reader mail. I love hearing stories of educators using games to teach concepts, and Sean's insight on the vapidity of mainstream development targeted at kids rings all too true. I had the same response hearing it pronounced that way in the 'cast, and wondered. Whelp, the more you know. Idle Thumbs enriches my life yet again. Great way of looking at it Chris. I accept your reasoning and shall henceforth get a thrill out of pronouncing it "correctly." Not that one finds many opportunities to drop quixotic.
  2. Torchlight II

    Don't know about the Steam/Runic site question, but an internet connection is not required to play single player, or multiplayer on a LAN. If you can download at work and then carry your computing device home you should be set.
  3. Mark of the Ninja

    A big-ish "Dust" release that would require space bucks (can't believe we've used "space bucks" in 4 consecutive posts now) is the furry-friendly Elysian Tale. Another good reason to cash in to Microsoft's system in my opinion. I just feel so liberated having recently built my first ever gaming-centric PC that I don't want to go back to the consoles just yet. If I'm patient I won't have to though - looks like they're working to get MotN onto PC. EDIT - Pertinent quote from the Forbes article: "Mark of the Ninja launches today on Xbox Live Arcade. The team is currently working toward getting the game on Steam, though a hard date for the PC release has not been made."
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Erm, hi. User barichnikov turned me on to the podcast while the kickstarter campaign was going on, and by the time I realised I wanted a t-shirt it was too late to get in. :'( Something about myself: can't wait to lose time in Torchlight 2. I bought my wife a copy today as well.
  5. Mark of the Ninja

    Certis on Gamers With Jobs was extolling the virtues in their most recent episode, and while he really piqued my interest I'm reluctant to buy space bucks at this point. I'd love to hear more of you impressions to help tip the scales one way or the other. I don't pay _that_ close attention to industry stuff -- did the guys from The Behemoth (Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers) really move over to Klei Entertainment (Shank, Shank 2, Mark Of The Ninja)?