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  1. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Remember Me It's gorgeous and interesting and I almost care about the dumb amnesia plot but it just introduced invisible enemies. I'm not prepared to actually pay attention to its flaccid Arkham combat and the game isn't going to let me get away with halfheartedly tapping out the simplest combo over and over anymore so this is where we go our seperate ways.
  2. I think if your universe incorporates the idea of billions of privateer ships zooming around it only makes sense for the various ship builders to try and differentiate their ships by their styling as well as their functionality and performance. Tyrian actually had the most fleshed-out version of this going on where you'd just get random spam from laser cannons 'R' us and every ship (chassis) brand has its own design language.
  3. anime

    Don't take this as an un-recommendation because it's definitely worth watching but it drove me up the wall how
  4. anime

    I'll vouch for both of these and I'm ridiculously picky about my animus. If you haven't seen it already and judging by the fact you like Evangelion and NHK you might want to get on Kare Kano (His & Her Circumstances) too. It's based on an okay romance manga only for some ungodly reason Hideaki Anno ended up directing it. Like, literally straight from End of Evangelion into doing what was supposed to be a fairly lighthearted love story. Suddenly these kids are DEEPLY FUCKED and desperately clinging to eachother to keep some sort of identity afloat and there are long arthouse shots of background scenery and I swear to god they introduce AT Field theory at one point. Unsurprisingly the mangaka wasn't super thrilled and Anno ended up leaving the project before it was done. Also notable for having one of the greatest intro tunes ever.
  5. Show me your desk/gaming space

    Ahem, I'll have you know that's a bird towel sir.
  6. Video Game mechanics to retire

    It's not so much the points rating that bothers me rather than the fact that implementing it neccesitates every choice to be a GOOD/BAD one with no room for ambiguity unless you want to turn it into frustrating game of guessing the developer's moral standpoints (you performed an abortion, have 50 paragon points!). Not really ideal when you want to tell an interesting story.
  7. Show me your desk/gaming space

    Behold the splendor
  8. Good Hangover Breakfast?

    Personally I generally either wake up feeling fine or I wake up exhibiting all the symptoms of a severe concussion. On the rare occasion I find myself with a manageable hangover I'll just fry some eggs. Greasy without being too upsetting and about as complicated to cook as I'm willing to put up with under such circumstances.
  9. Return of the Steam Box!

    First kneejerk: this will be good for people scared of big noisy gaming PCs and putting them together out of a million intimidating parts. Follow up: these people are the least likely to ever find out it exists and what it does unless Valve goes just Microsoft on the Xbox 1 hard on it, cramming it into every electronics/gaming type store in the world right next to the PStriple and 360, securing monstrously huge exclusives for it (HL2 ep3 Steambox exclusive!). This isn't a device the traditional Steam demographic really wants or needs, unless they were looking for a HTPC to begin with. I guess I just don't see this reaching the critical mass to be anything other than a footnote or a sticker for HP to stick on pre-built PCs (then again I never thought the Nintendo DS would sell either)
  10. Lost progress

    One time my younger brother saved over my Perfect Dark profile that had like 80% of the (unfair) challenges completed and all the multiplayer stuff unlocked. As an adult I don't really care as much about my save data anymore. If a game is amazing I'll gladly play it again and if a game was a chore to play up to that point, well good riddance time to move on.
  11. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    The new director, Tomohiro Shibuya is apparently from Digital Artist Guild Inc., a 3D modeling and animation company. There's massive forum drama all over the place with people looking at the guy's Mobygames page and assuming he personally created Resident Evil Outbreak and Monster Hunter because it's so hard to click through and research what he actually did on those games (CG and additional character modeling, surprisingly enough).
  12. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Wow that's a healthy stream of new members you've got. Hi everyone I'm a man wot likes video games. I hear some of you like them too? We could maybe talk about them and stuff!