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  1. Quite mediocre, but I went in with such low expectations that I didn't mind. Honestly it does almost everything wrong, it moves twice as fast and three times as many things happen as should happen, and like TFA it's petrified with the fear at the thought of being even remotely as interesting as TLJ. On the other hand, Babu Fuck is a legend and all the acting was great, as usual with the new trilogy, so I guess I had enough fun to say the movie just barely "good," which might sound like faint praise but really it means I think it's a good movie! If you ask me, was it bad or good, I'd say it's good.

  2. I found it hilarious that both the interviewees complained that now that they have to cut bumpers for digital trailers, they don't like having to give away/spoil stuff coming later in the trailer. I hate trailers because they give away/spoil stuff in moves, so I avoid watching them whenever I can and I wish they didn't exist. I would've thought trailer editors don't care about that sort of thing, because if they did they'd hate trailers as much as I do, but it turns out somehow they only dislike it when it spoils the trailer, but they don't mind when it spoils the movie...?

  3. On 12/8/2019 at 5:21 PM, Goose Malloy said:

    Haha, that's a good point about the Tom Francis and Nick thing, I was sad to see him leave Crate & Crowbar, but if this does happen (I'm sure it won't but one can dream) that would certainly be an interesting development.

    Incidentally Nick's moving back to San Francisco so... nope.


    Put me down as someone who didn't think this was going to get canceled, especially because someone (I think Jane or Jake?) explicitly said when they were acquired "we're not going to get swallowed by Valve, we're joining Valve to get protection against our game being crushed." Turns out, that's maybe not how things work out...

  4. Have I recommended Happy as Lazzaro (original title Lazzaro felice) yet? I think it's on Netflix in most cases. It's a very quiet movie so you'll have to be able to enjoy that sort of thing, but if you can, then go for it. It's stuck with me since I saw it months ago.

  5. As long as we're talking about Midsommar, is it scary in like a "stuff popping out" or "sudden string instruments" or "loud noises out of nowhere" sense? I can't watch movies like that, so if it's that kind of horror movie I'll have to skip it (although I did manage to make it through Get Out, albeit barely). But lots of "horror" movies (AlienJawsSuspiriaThe Thing, zombie movies, etc.) are fine for me. Any chance I could handle Midsommar?

  6. I doubt that's what the next film will focus on, since the previous two Spider-Man films right before the MCU ones (The Amazing Spider-Man and TAS 2) were partially focused on that. Incidentally, since I'm mentioning those movies, I'll also mention that I enjoy both of them. I'm a big weirdo because nobody else seems to, but I think Andrew Garfield does a really good job, he has excellent chemistry with Emma Stone, the "Spider-Man swinging around New York" sequences are the best out of all the movies, and although he doesn't get much to do, Jamie Foxx is a great pick as a villain for the second movie.

  7. Aside from Iron Man 3 (which is just a legit good move) and Thor: Ragnarok (which is just so funny!), Spider-Man: Homecoming was my favorite Marvel movie, and I enjoyed Far From Home quite a bit too. I always love the humor and these movies along with Black Panther have had the best villains in the MCU. Basically everything with Mysterio, from that crazy fight sequence to his costume, was great. I prefer it when post credit sequences are just funny jokes but the two post credit sequences in this movie are pretty good anyways. I generally just like Spider-Man as a hero because he's always flippin' and floppin' around and quippin' and boppin' on the bad guys, so that's always a lot of fun (although it's not great that he turns into a CGI person pretty much any time the action starts happening). J. B. Smoove also has an excellent role as "guy who has no reason to be in the movie except to drop a one-liner, who is supposed to be played by Hannibal Buress but we forgot to have him sign a multi-movie contract." Every movie should have someone who's basically a walking punch-up draft of the script.