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  1. BioShock Infinite

    Why is it better to let frat boys dictate the design than fans? If you're not going to just have an artsy cover that caters to the whims of the design nerd on your staff, how should you decide what cover to have?
  2. BioShock Infinite

    Ah yes, that poisonous minority known as "the people who give a shit one way or another." We wouldn't want them to have their way. Much better to let the people Ken Levine describes as "frat boys" dictate creative decisions. People didn't like the cover, so Irrational said "OK, we'll make a reversible cover for you so that we can have our cake and eat it too." That seems like the best outcome: everyone's happy, right?
  3. Walk of Faith This game is a pretty sweet coop game. Player 1 (you) rolls a ball across a path made of platforms, one of which will fail, and player 2 (your deity of choice) "uses their supernatural powers to call the 'Intervene()' function in the game's code" (as the game describes it). So basically, "players one and two must both work together, and exist, to win." I haven't beat it yet because I don't believe in any deities to play with, but I fooled around with just the 1 player stuff that I can do on my own and it pretty much works as described. Usually coop games are bittersweet for me because it's tough to find friends to play with, but this one's not so bad because the deity doesn't have to be at the same keyboard as you or anything. You do have to convince the deity to help, though (like through prayer or something). (Requires Unity web player, which you should already have installed anyways) So go play it! Edit: and if you installed Unity web player just for this, well, here's another game to put it to use: Three Body Problem
  4. Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight 2012

    But it looks like the prototype has done its job, though, because it has provided you (and presumably everyone else) with the knowledge you would need to go forward and make the actual game if you wanted to do so. It has proven that the systems work and stuff and that you just need to "add goal and stir," so to speak. So that would be a success, right?
  5. Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight 2012

    That sounds like a lot of stuff to put into a game in two weeks.
  6. Far Cry 2

    For you digital pyromaniacs out there, detail on how the fire in Far Cry 2 spreads.
  7. BioShock Infinite

    If game developers use reality as a reference you'd think we'd get a wide variety of female body types and a wide variety of female fashion choices. Instead everyone from Cortana to Elizabeth has a shapely form and revealing clothing, even if it makes no sense for an AI to walk around naked or for a woman in 1912 to be wearing a dress showing off massive cleavage.
  8. BioShock Infinite

    "Norks" sounds like some sort of Nordic Ork variant. Green vikings.
  9. BioShock Infinite

    I mean, I don't complain literally anytime I can see someone's breasts in a video game. The problem with Elizabeth isn't that she has boobs, it's that she's the other main character in the game and so of course she's got to show off her tits. The objectification is a problem because you can't have a normal female character like Cortana or Elizabeth or Samara: you have to give her massive mammaries and show them off at every turn.
  10. BioShock Infinite

    I like to think that I raise the point for every game with unnecessary sexual objectification that I take part in a discussion about. I haven't really gone back through my Internet logs and checked to see whether I do this or not but it at least feels like I do it more often then not. I don't think being angry with sexism in video games is "a stupid crusade against something" and I don't think I've drawn any lines in the sand. So the answer to "why now" is "why not?"
  11. Steam Greenlight

    Thumbs up could be "I think this game should be on Steam!" and thumbs down could be "I don't want this game in my Greenlight queue" because that's what the buttons do.
  12. BioShock Infinite

    I'll stop making jokes then
  13. BioShock Infinite

    Maybe you'd prefer #6, where she looks 16, or #'s 3 or 5, where she's... older. Maybe they hired the cosplayer so they could settle what the hell Elizabeth is supposed to look like.
  14. Hitman: Absolution

    The original Hitman's graphics are basic to the point of surreality in some areas which makes replaying it a distinct experience that you may or may not enjoy.
  15. BioShock Infinite

    Yes, I'm sure this instance of cleavage is actually totally thematically appropriate and not a fat load of pandering to the male gaze, even though from what I understand, period appropriate clothing didn't show off tits like that and even though she looks ridiculous with her boobs poking out like that. And youmeyou, how can you say #1 is dull looking? It's never dull to be looking at some sweet tits! Am I right, guys? edit: I just voted and unless the poll is broken on my computer, it shows #4 as in the lead by a wide margin, followed by my favorite, #6. 4 is a neat sketch but I feel like it doesn't quite nail the woodcut sort of aesthetic (or whatever that kind of illustration is called that was big back then) they were going for - it looks too much like a quick sketch in some places, particularly in the crosshatching on the wings, which I think would look better as a hyperdetailed, more regular crosshatching that I think I recall seeing in those sorts of pictures. edit #2: like, see how the lines on this cop are a little more regular and a little less sketchy looking? Maybe I'm being overly picky. edit #3: more examples.
  16. BioShock Infinite

    And then, one poorly worded phrase from ThunderPeel scared Twig off forever, and we never had to hear his defenses of overly sexualized video game character costumes again. The end.
  17. Music of the games of video

    Rock Paper Shotgun has an interview with Paul Ruskay, the composer for Homeworld uuuuugh Relic has never made anything near as good as Homeworld except maybe Homeworld 2. And this is from someone head over heels in love with Company of Heroes.
  18. Hitman: Absolution

    They are literally remastering a remastering at this point (Hitman: Contracts is a remastered version of Hitman: Codename 47). I think that's pretty cool but it's also kind of funny.
  19. (IGN.com)

    The original tribes had some f*cking amazing guitar riff stuff going on:
  20. BioShock Infinite

    Soul Calibur is silly because they break the laws of physics and anatomy with those breasts, but few games go that far. The problem with the depiction of women in the gaming industry is not that every game is like Soul Calibur. The problem is that basically ever depiction of women is designed to pander to the male gaze. Cortana, Elizabeth, Lara Croft, Ash, Miranda, and literally every asari in the Mass Effect games, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in the Batman games, the native lady in Far Cry 3, the stripper nuns and the lady in the shower and the strippers in Hitman: Absolution, the female characters in literally any MMO... they are all hypersexualized. It's a consistent pattern of unnecessary oversexualization that results in a toxic climate, not any individual depiction. but why am I even beginning to write this post i just want to wait and let sarkeesian do the work for me she's getting paid to do it
  21. BioShock Infinite

    Women choosing to dress like whatever they want to wear on a warm day is entirely different from an entire medium's depictions of women falling into a very narrow category of "designed to pander directly to the male gaze at the expense of interesting characterization, sensible costume design, and basic anatomical truths about human beings" but I really don't have the energy for the 800th "explain why the video game industry's treatment of women is subpar" discussion of my life so I'll just leave it there and wait for Sarkeesian's videos to come out some day.
  22. BioShock Infinite

    Well, "basically every time women are portrayed in video games, they have massive breasts and are dressed in costumes designed to pander to the male gaze, even if that costume is not period appropriate or thematically appropriate or the least bit comfortable looking" is a criticism you can pretty safely assume people are making before you hear about it (thankfully).
  23. BioShock Infinite

    If you're worried about women with back pain I'd be more concerned about the lady in the background who has to hold up the roof 24/7.
  24. Steam Greenlight

    The "would you buy this button" is dumb because for mods and free to play games it's obviously not applicable. The point of putting mods on Greenlight is exactly that - so they can be downloaded from Steam. The reason why it's taking so long is probably because it takes Valve 4 years to do anything.
  25. You're not an asshole. It's just that you're the kind of person that doesn't get much out of art. That doesn't make you a bad person, although it does suggest that maybe when you criticize a game like The Passage, you should preface your criticism with a disclaimer like "I do not mean to imply that this game is flawed because it doesn't say anything interesting, because frankly I find almost no works of art interesting, and thus if there is any flaw it is within me." A lot of times when people say "I didn't get anything out of this game" they mean to imply that the game itself is pointless, but in your case you probably didn't mean to imply that, because you find almost everything pointless but presumably you don't have issues with other people finding meaning in these sorts of things. I found The Passage to be quite moving, and other people have too, but since it's very simple and short and small, one common criticism is that it just doesn't say anything. Someone might interpret your comment as agreeing with that criticism, whereas really you don't think ANYTHING says anything. We could have a whole discussion about whether it's better to be able to find meaning in stuff or whether going through life saying "yeah that's just a book about a dude" "yeah that's just a boring video game" "yeah that's just a book about multiple dudes" is fine, but whatever. Insofar as we're talking about games being chosen by the MoMA for being good in some way, though, you don't have much to add, because you probably don't see anything in most of what the MoMA has already.