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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=JSV3ci8uxHw Signal Ops is "multiple-perspective first-person tactical espionage game." You work for a shady clandestine organization, and you are in charge of carrying out missions for that organization. More specifically, you command a squad of specialists as they carry out the mission. You sit in the control post and monitor your agents through first-person cameras. Communication with your agents depends on the radio, but the radio is heavy and the battery lasts about thirty seconds, so you have to rely on the Bolt agent to lug the radio around and plug it in. With the rest of your motley crew, you will be charged with blowing up bridges, attacking tanks, infiltrating enemy bases, planting evidence, and so on. Combat and stealth are the two main features of Signal Ops. Often you'll want to stay hidden, either to get the upper hand in a fight or to carry out your dastardly deeds. With six agent types to choose from and relative freedom in how you choose to approach each mission the goal seems to be to let you build and command a squad to get around the various obstacles the game throws at you. Hopefully it will steer away from the Commandos-esque "find the right solution" thing that infects some of these games. Your combat specialist, the Shield agent, is great for straight up fights, whereas the Scope agent is more useful for players who prefer sniping. There's also the Demo agent who blows things up and the Wrench agent who can pick locks, lock doors to delay enemies, and so on. The game is being made by Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation who you have to give credit to for that name, I guess. The game will support single player and coop with up to 2 other people (that's 3 total) via LAN, split screen, and online, in any combination. It will have gamepad support and yes those voices in the videos are placeholder voices. Stuff Game Website Signal Ops on Steam Greenlight The Developer's twitter. They don't tweet a goddamn thing. YouTube channel that sometimes posts videos. Preview on Indie Statik Short writeup on Rock Paper Shotgun Random gushing by PC Gamer The game's IndieDB page as if anyone gives a fuck http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=OeqHKG1fNS4
  2. Plug your shit

    I could do a video preview but I have 1/30th as many subscribers as that channel.
  3. Why can't I enjoy System Shock 2?

    The amusing part is that the quote wasn't even in System Shock 2. It was in System Shock 1. (The better game)
  4. Youtube-TV

    Henry's Kitchen is the best cooking show on YouTube I think. Errant Signal does great video game commentary videos - his latest is about "what is game" and it pretty much puts the debate to rest in my eyes. Manjula's Kitchen is an excellent source for excellent Indian food. BriTANicK makes some of the funniest and smartest sketch comedy videos on YouTube. Wantanmien is a good Cantonese cooking channel. Phaedrus is the best place for Phaedrus.
  5. Idle Thumbs 94: Readers Like You

    But that wasn't something your character knew. It was the "amnesia" thing.
  6. Things That Improve Your Life

    If you want to drop money on a new kitchen appliance, I would recommend a pressure cooker, which you can do a thousand things with, instead of a rice cooker, which is just a way to take up more space making rice.
  7. Idle Thumbs 94: Readers Like You

    Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Human Revolution both had a bit of "reveal who your character is through stuff that happens" in the game along with a bit of "you choose who you are from this point forward, to a certain degree."
  8. Things That Improve Your Life

    Rice is like, super easy to make in a pot too. Boil the water, reduce to the lowest heat until done, turn off the heat and let it sit until you need rice.
  9. Destiny

    I hope it comes to PC. Or that it sucks and I don't have to care about whether it comes to PC.
  10. (IGN.com)

    I'd say there's about as much cross-pollination as there is between Three Moves Ahead and Idle Thumbs, which are in more or less the same position.
  11. (IGN.com)

    Penny Arcade and the PA Report have basically nothing to do with each other except for the words in their website titles.
  12. Why can't I enjoy System Shock 2?

    As it says on the top of the page: "Sorry guests, this is just a fansite and it isn't made for these numbers of downloaders. We're working on some optimisations and will be BACK TOMORROW." They're probably getting massive traffic from people discovering SSHOCK for the first time so they changed it to registered forum users only or something.
  13. (IGN.com)

    They have a fuckup of that magnitude every couple of weeks.
  14. Happy Dishonored Valentines Day

    It's not Dishonored Valentine's Day today, but it can be Valentine's Day, Dishonored style! (these are not created by me)
  15. Why can't I enjoy System Shock 2?

    Anyone who hasn't played SS2 should really check out the first System Shock too - I think it's the better game. Although you don't really need to play them in order if you don't care about minor spoilers for the first SS game, and since the story isn't really super important, SS2 before SS isn't an awful choice. But in terms of seeing what SS2 decided to change/improve upon, what later games like BioShock took from the franchise, what works, what doesn't, etc. I think playing the first is super useful.
  16. Wasteland 2

    Alpha Protocol wasn't really a keyword system - the keywords only represented stances, and each stance was tied to a specific line of dialog. The keyword system usually refers to a system that uses keywords in lieu of specific lines, rather than keywords as representatives of lines of dialog. I think there's a pretty big difference: in one instance you never get to see what your character ostensibly said. I like it for Wasteland 2 because it lets me imagine my party saying things based on what my party is like - there's no way the developers could ever craft specific dialog for every party any player could want to roleplay as.
  17. But Mario is the theoretical ideal.
  18. Or you could play Tropico.
  19. Dagon, the engine developed for Asylum, some adventure game, has just gone open source. Pretty neat of them.
  20. Aliens: Colonial Marines

  21. Animated Shorts

  22. Wasteland 2

    The original Wasteland was just going wherever, Fallout style, and I imagine WL2 will be like that.
  23. Have you ever fainted?

    This used to happen to me all the time, then I realized I should stop getting up so fast and now I'm just more careful and deliberate when I stand up and I'm fine.
  24. Have you ever fainted?

    I weight almost nothing and I'm kind of tall so either it's that or something else but I usually faint or almost faint when I donate blood. It's pretty wacky. At least I know it's coming so I can just pass out on the chair then come back in a few moments.
  25. Obligatory Comical YouTube Thread II: The Fall of YouTube

    HowToBasic is one of the greatest YouTube channels.