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  1. The Good Place

    Episode 4 (actually 5, since the first episode was two episodes) is probably my favorite of the entire series so far. Megan Amram is definitely my favorite writer on the show, I think.
  2. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

  3. RTX 2000 series GPUs

    Sure but that makes the gaming cards ideal for rendering things without corners, like spheres.
  4. Spelunky!

  5. Mafia III: Django Unchained

    I don't get it. What is "her kind?"
  6. Firewatch is a first person exploration adventure game where you play as a man named Henry, who is a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness a little while after the Yellowstone fires of 1988. Your only contact with the outside world is via your handheld radio, through which you talk to your supervisor, Delilah. Your first day on the job, something mysterious draws you out of your lookout, and from that point on you begin exploring the wilderness. The game will have a focus on narrative, dialog choice, natural conversations, exploration, and probably fire? But we don't know about fire yet. It's coming out for Windows, Linux, and OSX, hopefully in 2015. It may also come out on consoles. Sean "Famous" Vanaman: known largely for his DotA Today hosting duties and his motorcycle riding skills, Sean Vanaman was also a significant contributor to "The Walking Death," a graphic novel. Jake "Video Games" Rodkin: Jake was raised in the wilderness of Wyoming by bears, which would make him uniquely suited to working on this game if the other developers had not also been raised in the wilderness of Wyoming by bears. Jake was a co-writer (with Famous) on "Walker Dead." Olly "That Olly Moss?" Moss: Olly Moss makes sweet movie posters and, in his spare time, video games, it turns out? Nels "Ander" Son: Head designer of Mark the Ninja and now designer at Campo Santo, Nelson is rumored to be involved in cyberpunk and cards. Lord Chris "Boost" Remo: Chris Remo needs no introduction. Jane Ng: Art person. She worked at Double Fine once, and her credits include Stacking and The Godfather (the game, not the movie). Will Armostrong: He codes things. Read the first Campo Santo Quarterly Review, compiled by the Campo Santo Ombudsman, to get a feel for the company. Official Website Slides from a GDC talk given by Famous, all about narrative and immersion IGN.com preview: "Why Firewatch is One of Our Most Anticipated Games of 2015" A bunch of wallpapers of that sweet art at the top of this post A blog post about the process of turning art into game models
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    Parks and Rec and The Good Place are from the Brooklyn 99 guy, so maybe check those out?
  8. Missions Impossible

    Saw the latest one. Liked it quite a bit! My rankings go like this (scores out of 100): 1. Mission: Impossible (85) 2. Mission: Impossible - Fallout (83) 3. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (82) 4. Mission: Impossible III (71) 5. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (69) 6. Mission: Impossible 2 (43) I think the first movie is the only one with a plot that grabbed me even the slightest bit. Mostly I'm watching for the spectacle and because Tom Cruise is an amazing actor. There's some pretty insane stunt stuff in this latest one (in all of 'em really) which you can get a glimpse of in this overlong video (spoilers of course). Tom Cruise was flying that helicopter!
  9. Sense8

    Watched through season 2 and the finale. Loved all of it. Good TV show! I cried a lot.
  10. Justice League film

    So help me god, Aquaman kind of looks like goofy rococo fun.
  11. Jeff Goldblum

    This previous video.
  12. Jeff Goldblum

    The previous video was an ad too. And yes, FOD makes precisely one product-placement-centered cooking show, it's called Cooking with Jeff.
  13. Jeff Goldblum

  14. Dying Light

    It's not fixed yet but unless you can find castorp on Steam, you won't be any more help than me, probably!
  15. Other podcasts

    I've been binge listening to Racist Sandwich while cooking food for the Independence Day BBQ today. It's pretty great! I recommend it to anyone who eats food.
  16. Dying Light

    I'll do it! No need for money up front. What's your Steam ID?
  17. They're crunching on Half-Life 3. Once that's out the door, it'll be Cast City, USA, population Thumbs.
  18. E3 2018

    The idea that games won't ever evolve is kind of ridiculous. You can go on itch.io right now and download 100 games that handle the "tension" between gameplay and storytelling with unrivaled aplomb. If you just watch E3 press conferences or whatever then sure, you're going to assume games aren't moving forward, but that's like listening to a pop radio station and complaining that music all sounds the same. It's because you're listening to the radio station for people who want all their music to sound the same! Go listen to some other stuff!
  19. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    There's a lot going on in the game. Also technically Spec Ops isn't even first person.
  20. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I played through a moderately good chunk of Shadow Warrior before I ended up reformatting my computer a while ago (dunno if my save is still in the cloud). It sounds like I ducked out before the tedious stuff. Spec Ops isn't satire - there's basically zero humor. I think it's a tremendous game. Most people aren't huge fans of the shooting and divide up just based on whether the story worked for them vs. whether it didn't.
  21. Other podcasts

    Speaking of crushes, I've been listening to Classroom Crush for a while now. Every episode the host and her gust talk about one of their childhood crushes. As you can imagine, the host has had a lot of crushes. It's a nice little podcast, and although it's not a humor podcast, the host does improv and most of the people she knows are somehow in the comedy scene, so it's often sometimes funny.
  22. Most of them are spambots posting websites for cash, presumably.
  23. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I went into it with no particular expectations and was surprised to find myself really loving it. I thought it was excellent. I agree that all the "let's explain Star Wars" stuff was stupid and worthless but I don't really give a fuck about that stuff one way or another, so it's not like it made the movie worse for me. I found the action sequences quite kinetic and exciting and I thought all the actors were absolutely fantastic - Ehrenreich and Glover do an excellent Solo and Lando and the other people are great. The only exception is Emilia Clarke, who did a fine job but who didn't really blow me away. Some spoiler stuff: A few more things I liked: Some stuff that wasn't so great - again, I loved the movie, so none of this bothered me, but I could imagine how it would bother other people: