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  1. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Receiver is for sure not coop.
  2. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I thought Serious Sam 3 was also one of those single player or coop games, and that it was even more coop-oriented than EYE. I might be wrong though - I've never played it.
  3. Women Directors

    The best part of Wadjda is the part where the subtitles say "[speaking in Arabic]."
  4. Letterboxd

    fuck. We need to find the next thing. AR Blair Witches?
  5. Letterboxd

    So what you're saying is, we could get rich by making the next Blair Witch Project style movie that is made up of found drone footage, right?
  6. Marvel movies

    Spiderman already had the "with great power comes great responsibility" thing when he was introduced in Captain America: Civil War, so I think the idea was "let's not make every Spiderman story literally the same thing."
  7. Marvel movies

    I liked that it was basically a teen comedy. I'll basically fall over myself to enjoy any funny movie, and the film gave me lots of opportunities for that, so, I was a fan!
  8. Letterboxd

    I use Criticker which means my rating scale is customizable. You can find all my rankings here. I use a 1 to 100 scaled divided into 8 tiers: 100 / Perfect: I like this movie so much! Examples: Blade Runner, Dr. Strangelove, Okja, Pulp Fiction, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Swiss Army Man, The Empire Strikes Back 90-99 / Amazing: Tremendous movies! Examples: All About Eve, In a Lonely Place, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension!, Ratatouille, American Graffiti, A Separation, The Seventh Seal, Stop Making Sense, Adaptation, Last Year at Marienbad, Spring Breakers, Annie Hall, F for Fake, Dunkirk 85-89 / Great: Great movies! Love 'em! Examples: The Hateful Eight, High Noon, Iphigenia, Paterson, Dead Man, Colossal, Das Boot, Happy Together, Eternity and a Day, The Draughtsman's Contract, Fresh, Tangerine, M, Real Life 80-84 / Very Good: Quite good movies! Like 'em a lot! Examples: Groundhog Day, Inception, The Social Network, Sonatine, The Young Girls of Rochefort, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Clueless, Point Break, eXistenZ, Days of Being Wild, Turtles Can Fly, Everybody Wants Some!! 70-79 / Good: I like these movies! Examples: Bullitt, Diner, Don't Think Twice, Iron Man, The Road to El Dorado, The Asphalt Jungle, Unbreakable, Brooklyn, Ant-Man, The Devil Wears Prada, Gone With the Wind 60-69 / OK: I don't hate these movies! Examples: Elysium, Avatar, Donnie Darko, 25th Hour, Forgeting Sarah Marshall, A Few Good Men, War Horse, The Men Who Stare at Goats 50-59 / Bad: Not a fan of these movies! Examples: Westworld, Independence Day, Blank Check, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, GoldenEye, The Shawshank Redemption, Star Trek: Nemesis, Superbad 0-49 / Terrible: Really don't like these movies! Examples: It Happened One Night, Revenge of the Nerds, Slumdog Millionaire, Wedding Crashers, Kick-Ass, The Boondock Saints, Religulous, Wing Commander, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Lucky Number Slevin Here's how many movies I have in each tier (approximately - there are some TV rankings in there): Perfect: 8 Amazing: 154 Great: 250 Very Good: 225 Good: 306 OK: 128 Bad: 57 Terrible: 65
  9. Tacoma from Fullbright

    I think it was Odin.
  10. Blade Runner 2049

    If you don't like movie logic you may wish to refrain from watching movies, because that is the main sort of logic that operates in them. The original Blade Runner is chock full of just as much (if not more) movie logic, for instance. Some examples: I can totally understand how this sort of thing can bug someone, but if it bugs you then movies might not really be for you, because it's extremely rare to find a movie that isn't full of stuff like this.
  11. Idle Cook Club 2 - Neither for here, nor to go

    Spam is short for "sleep ham."
  12. Tacoma from Fullbright

    You're there to download the station AI, the plywood is around the AI hardware that you'll download the station AI to.
  13. For reasons mostly unknown to me, I'm watching this, I guess because one episode a week does not take too much time out of my schedule. I can't honestly say I'm enjoying it, with the exception of the latest episode, which despite a few missteps mostly was cool. Thinking back to how shitty most Star Treks were when they were starting off, I don't think it would be crazy to hold out hope that this turns into a pretty good show some time down the line. It's not there yet, though.
  14. Idle Thumbs 312: Hashtag Nick Nod

    I think FPS games should just have all guns operate on a cooldown system - once you fire them enough, they're out of ammo until they recharge passively on their own. That way you can use whatever gun you want whenever you want without worrying about running out of ammo when you need it, but you still have limited ammo in the sense that you can't just fire a gun forever. So you'd have to swap weapons and also you'd be fine with swapping weapons.
  15. Blade Runner 2049

    This movie is pretty amazing.
  16. Marvel movies

    The number of good trailers I've seen can probably be counted on one hand. This one is my favorite:
  17. Important If True 33: The Meme Scream

    Did you ever find out what the equipment problem is?
  18. Marvel movies

    It's pretty rare for me to be really excited by action in an action movie. So much of it these days is just a bunch of CGI whizbangery and it's tough for that to get my blood pumping. I actually honestly don't mind CGI whizbangery - it's fun to watch all this chaos onscreen, especially when it looks pretty - but again, it doesn't really excite me. To be fair, lots of action scenes before it was all CGI whizbangery also didn't get my blood pumping. I just think it's tough to make exciting movies so it's rare that someone pulls that off, doubly so when the stakes are people fighting rather than other stuff that I find more affecting in the first place, like emotions or injustice or whatever. My favorite Marvel action scenes are generally the ones with humor, either physical or sarcastic quipping. I don't remember a lot of the specifics, but I think the big superhero vs. superhero airport fight in Civil War had some funny stuff, for instance (like with Ant-Man or Spiderman), so I liked that one.
  19. Ingrid Goes West

    I liked it a lot! Really good performances from all the leads, and I think it did a great job of nailing the zeitgeist for the sorts of people who feel these sorts of ways and have these sorts of issues, right now at this point in time in America and especially California, etc. It felt nice and straightforward and clear about what it wanted to say.
  20. Star Wars Episode 8

    I'm not a huge trailer watching guy, so I might not have the knowledge to talk about this, especially because I've skipped the Episode 8 trailers, but I feel like it's really hard to judge lots of movies from their trailers. I just watched Colossal last night and my impression is that the trailers basically completely misrepresented the movie and left out all the good stuff. This is not necessarily because they're bad trailers. Rather, putting any of the good stuff or explaining what the film was really about would have spoiled the entire film, so it's probably a good thing the trailers were so misleading. But even if the trailers aren't holding back the good stuff, they're cut together by people other than the director and the editor of the film, they don't have the same score that the film will have over the moments, they're obviously way more compact than the film, they're designed to sell it rather than tell a narrative, etc. I just can't really see how a trailer can tell me anything about the film except that it has a goofy premise or something. Like: If I saw a trailer like this, I'd probably assume they put all the familiar stuff in there because they think that's what audiences want. The last movie made a zillion dollars by reiterating the first films so they put the familiar stuff in the trailer. Chances are the full film subverts all those scenes in the trailer. How would I know? I haven't seen it! Perhaps if I had some reason to think the trailer had no choice, because all the scenes it had to choose from were familiar scenes, then I'd think differently, but I don't see why that would be the case. How would I know that? If I were forced to guess, knowing Rian Johnson, I'd probably assume the movie does subvert a lot of that stuff, because that's the sort of guy he seems like. But honestly I have no idea!
  21. Star Wars Episode 8

    Whatever. That's a minuscule difference!
  22. Star Wars Episode 8

    I may have an accelerated cultural metabolism or something but I don't really get tired of stuff. One movie a year on a topic is a drop in the bucket for me, since I typically watch between 100 and 200 movies a year, I'd estimate. So it would take way more than a Marvel movie every year or so to tire me out.
  23. Star Wars Episode 8

    I'm looking forward to episode 8 to an extreme degree. Rian Johnson is one of my favorite contemporary filmmakers so I'm hoping it's going to be amazing. I haven't watched any of the trailers because I'm already going to see the movie so I don't need to see what's going to happen in it. I'll find that out when I watch the movie! Episode 7 was crummy though.