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  1. Windows 8

    I don't really see why I would upgrade to Windows 8. Granted I haven't paid much attention but my computer is a keyboard and a mouse and a monitor, not a repository for Cheeto dust.
  2. Oh man, Dishonored developer shows up in the thread to talk about the game. Awesome. When you guys were joking about Dishonored having a really weird silly contextual thing pop up when you play it on Halloween I thought about Arkane's first game, which actually did have something pretty wacky. In Arx Fatalis in one of the dungeons you could make your way to an out of the way room that had a chicken in it. If you cast a reveal spell on it you'd see the chicken identified as a man. So that's weird. Then if you explore more in another part of the game you'd find a book about Lord Inut who discovered a way to transform into a chicken. So then if you grab a leek, a carrot, a dragon egg, and a bottle of water, then go to a tavern you found near the beginning of the game and mix them together in a cauldron, you get a potion. Then when you give the potion to the chicken it turns him back into a man and gives you a ton of XP. Then if you talk to him again he'll give you a weapon and then explode. Between that, the Thief easter egg, and the shoutouts to Steve Gaynor, Tynan Wales, JP LeBreton, and other BioShock 2 designers in the first assassination mission, I wouldn't put the crazy Halloween stuff past Arkane
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  5. Highly Polished Competitive Games

    I don't have anywhere near the free time it takes to play things competitively but I very much enjoy watching competitive Starcraft II and Natural Selection 2. I used to shoutcast for competitive Company of Heroes and briefly Dawn of War II, also. That was fun.
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  8. Elemental Fallen Enchantress

    Stardock isn't the only company that has reprehensible human beings in its ranks. Statistically, any time you buy a game made by a large company, you're probably supporting more sexual harassers than you are when you buy a Stardock game. The only difference is that you heard about Brad Wardell's reprehensibleness on Kotaku whereas most sexual harassment doesn't end up being news.
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