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  1. Chris Roberts' new space combat sim

    A joystick is not an expensive hunk of plastic, it's an essential peripheral that's cheaper than a gamepad.
  2. Half-Life 3

    Well, he can praise Sony for having sensible policies about Steamworks integration and cross-platform multiplayer and stuff while still maintaining that the Cell architecture of the PS3 is a nightmare to program for, right? That doesn't seem like a stark contrast to his earlier statements - in fact it doesn't seem like a contrast at all. They're two different and completely compatible statements.
  3. Half-Life 3

    How has it been flipped on its head? I seem to recall him saying that it's a pain in the ass to make games for the PS3 and given that Bethesda still hasn't figure out how to get Skyrim to work on the console I see no reason to think he was wrong about that.
  4. Curiosity – What's Inside the Cube?

    There is a lot of strategy in choosing how and where to attack the cube.
  5. Plug your shit

    Did they retweet it before or after you got more followers? If it was before, then that would definitely explain things.
  6. Lost progress

    My most recent System Shock 2 can save the game fine, but when I quit all my saves disappear. So now I can't replay it anymore. Someday I'll figure you out, System Shock 2 I played Space Pirates and Zombies for a while then one day I had been playing for a long time since the last save and it crashed. I was like "fuck this" and haven't played it since - I had hit the point in that game where things got pretty grindy so that was a great excuse to stop. The Developer's Commentary version of Thirty Flights of Loving keeps crashing at the very end of the game. There are like 3 unread commentary nodes or something that I still haven't made it to.
  7. Natural Selection 2

    It's pretty much exactly the same thing.
  8. Blog advice

    I like the ability to comment. What I don't like is how a lot of blogs stick, in their comments section weird/stupid trackbacks. This blog post isn't too bad - there's a fairly clear visual distinction between the comments at the top and the trackbacks at the bottom. Unlimited Hyperbole is a bit worse - notice how it's a kind of a mess down there at the bottom. The worst are the ones that just mix the two together, although I don't have an example off the top of my head. I too, like Ben X, have no problem with brutal repressive censorship.
  9. Plug your shit

    More shit plugging! Because Gimbal is on sale at the IndieGameStand and because it's pretty sweet, I made a video about it so that hopefully more people would hear about it and maybe buy it (or vote for it on Steam Greenlight).
  10. Plug your shit

    Yeah, my issue was that I couldn't tell it was a swimming pool.
  11. Plug your shit

    Haha, these are pretty great! But I feel like even more of an idiot than I typically feel like because I don't get the joke in the toaster comic.
  12. Natural Selection 2

    Being eaten by an Onos was certainly a unique experience but sitting and staring at a stomach for an extended period of time isn't much fun the 8th time it happens and I think it's understandable that the developers wanted to move away from that.
  13. Disney buys Lucasfilm

    I don't even know if hipsters talk about Death Cab for Cutie. I don't know any hipsters.
  14. Disney buys Lucasfilm

    If someone donates a lot of money to charity and someone says "well, donating charity doesn't excuse a tyrant or a bigot," I think maybe it's a fair implication to say that they want to impugn the character of the donor in some sense. Maybe Lucas isn't a tyrant or a bigot, but clearly you think he's done something wrong if donating to charity isn't enough to excuse him from whatever he's done. Or maybe you think it's just possible that he's done something wrong, like maybe he's donating $4 billion in order to bribe whoever is in charge of antitrust enforcement so that Disney could acquire Lucasfilm. Why Lucas of all people would want to do this when Disney is the one to benefit and Lucas himself ends up with nothing (aside from what he gave away to charity) is... confusing to me, but whatever. In any case, all I've seen are a lot of implications that $4 billion donated to education is somehow insidious: he wants to push free market ideas on educators or bribe elected officials or something. As someone who has seen, firsthand, ACTUAL GOOD done with money from the Lucas Foundation, this strikes me as an unfounded dose of cynicism, but I guess I'll shut up about it now. One last point: I wasn't calling anyone a hipster. "Hip and edgy" does not mean hipster. It means hip and edgy! "Hipster" means talking about Death Cab for Cutie.
  15. BioShock Infinite

    More like System Shock 5.
  16. Disney buys Lucasfilm

    A lot of the video games were pretty good. TIE Fighter, Republic Commando, Dark Forces, Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, Dark Forces 3: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Dark Forces 4: Jedi Knight III: Jedi Outcast 2: Jedi Academy...
  17. Disney buys Lucasfilm

    I've volunteered hundreds of hours for schools. I work as an educator right now. I've worked on grant applications to foundations like the Lucas Foundation and in fact I'm pretty sure I worked on a grant application TO THE LUCAS FOUNDATION. Saying "oh but teachers are the real heroes" is fine and dandy but $4 billion MAKES A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF DIFFERENCE. You can't dismiss it by saying "even evil people donate to charity" or "teachers are the ones that matter" unless you've really never seen the good that this sort of money can do. Ask TEACHERS whether they think $4 billion for education is worthwhile and I imagine you won't find them calling Lucas a bigot or a tyrant.
  18. Idle Thumbs 81: Happy Halloween

    I saw the first Ghost in the Shell movie. I liked it but I was really tired when I was watching it, and the plot is a little... obtuse even at the best of times, I gather. At some point I want to watch the whole series because it seems pretty neat, so it's nice to know that maybe there's a good looking Blu-Ray awaiting the day when I finally own a Blu-Ray drive in some form.
  19. Idle Thumbs 81: Happy Halloween

    Isn't the "digital remastering" the CG that TheYoungCato wants to avoid?
  20. Recently completed video games

    Well, pretty much everything in The Witcher is a monster or a hot babe so it's not too much of a stretch to guess that something is both. But yeah that game is nuts for the amount of content you won't see the first time through. Alpha Protocol is similar except you could play it 4 times and still miss stuff.
  21. Disney buys Lucasfilm

    It's true that if Lucas had gotten to make Flash Gordon, things probably wouldn't have turned out better, but the way I see it, the choice isn't between "new filmmakers make Star Wars movies with Disney's money" and "new filmmakers create their own sci-fi/fantasy universes with Disney's money," because I don't think Disney would ever dump money into new sci-fi films after John Carter and Mars Needs Moms tanked. The Star Wars franchise is probably the only way that, for a while, we would ever see Disney getting into the whole massive family movie sci-fi scene. Would it be better if everyone were making Moon, Looper, Attack the Block, and District 9 rather than Star Trek, Star Wars, Dredd, Total Recall, and Starship Troopers all over again? Broadly, yes. No question about it. But would Disney be sinking money into awesome new sci-fi franchises after losing 14 zillion dollars on John Carter and Mars Needs Moms? That seems like an iffy proposition. Star Wars is a way to get some of that sweet Disney movie into making sci-fi films for families instead of action movies dressed up in space clothes.
  22. Disney buys Lucasfilm

    Well, I mean, that $4 billion is going to buy more teachers than you've ever met. I'm not saying the people who do the real work don't matter - I'm saying that more of them are better and that $4 billion buys a lot of them.
  23. Blog advice

    WordPress is fine.
  24. Natural Selection 2

    Anecdotally it might seem like games go to marines, but balance is almost literally 50/50 wins/losses for each team. Sources: http://ns2stats.org/ http://www.facebook....48998104&type=1
  25. Disney buys Lucasfilm

    I mean, its pretty clear he's not a tyrant (he's not in charge of the country, he just made Star Wars movies) and he's not a bigot (it took him decades to get his movie about black fighter pilots in World War II made because, in part, other people are bigots, but that doesn't reflect badly on him) but $4 billion to charity is $4 billion to charity and my original point stands: he just did more good with his life than everyone you've ever met, combined. The list of people who have given billions is not large enough to be full of tyrants and bigots. The list of people who HAVE $4 billion is tiny. Forbes says there are about 275 people with that kind of money. Like, out of the billions of people alive, less than 300 could potentially do what Lucas did. And how many of them actually HAVE done what he did? I don't think I ever said George Lucas was bullet proof or never committed a crime amongst men. If you can point to anything bad he's done aside from making the Prequels and the Special Edition and Red Tails and Howard the Duck and the Christmas Special, then go ahead, but as bad as all of those things were, I think only the Holiday Special is bad enough to be punishable by the international court in the Hague, and even then he probably only deserves a few years in prison.