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  1. Memory Of A Broken Dimension

    Conversely, I think the distortion room has something in it, I just don't know what, maybe the other rooms create it or maybe it requires certain conditions to be set. I was definitely able to create a tower in there. I assume it's because it is a demo that I can't get any more out of this, I've played it 3 times now and I have a crazy diagram on my desk of how the rooms connect. EDIT: I thought maybe after the "win" screen you could dive again and get a different area or something, it seems like this isn't the case unless there are more commands to run that I don't know about. More game wrecking analysis below. P.S I love this game, I really want a full version now.
  2. Memory Of A Broken Dimension

    This game is FUCKING AWESOME! Once you get past the fake cmd screen which isn't that hard after you type dir, it basically tells you what to do. After that I had an amazing time figuring out the rules to the crazy world of static and broken landscape. I didn't see anything recognisable as the couch in the promo video I saw which makes me think there might be more to discover. Rest assured though, there is a set of mechanics at play and nothing is worthless information. COMPREHENSIVE GAME WRECKING SPOILERS BELOW A list of what I have discovered.
  3. Path of Exile

    Ey up, I've been lurking for a while but not posted much, just wondering if anyone plays Path of Exile that would be up for a bit of team up work. The game is currently in beta but working solidly. It's an indie project funded by a kick starter esque model that is all on their own site. The minimum donation of $10 gets you a Key and $10 worth of in game currency which can only really be spent on stash tabs at the moment with further plans. The website is Now, I fucking love this game, I played Diablo III in the beta/demo and somehow it didn't stick with me the way this did, I think it has something to do with the skills systems and the ultra smooth curve mentioned on the podcast that meant I felt less like I was building a character than I wanted it to. Not to say Diablo III is a bad game, it certainly is not, I just prefer the systems at play here. It has a similar "free skill respec" system but then a massive passive (sick rhymes) tree that roughly equates to attributes. You can view this on the site but the best way I think I can sell the game is to link the build of the week videos on the team's YouTube. They showcase original builds made possible by the huge cross classing made possible by the way the tree is laid out. Be aware that it's still in beta, amd changes are regularly made. TL DR PATH OF EXILE BRO! IT'S SICK! WATCH THIS! Kind of covers the skill socketing system [/url[/media]This one kind of goes more into the skill tree [/url[/media]You can see the rest on their channel or probably in relateds. Anyone interested hit me up either in game or on Steam, same name as on here in both.
  4. In a similar vein to the zombie spawning bush anecdote, me and a few friends were playing, just looting a couple of houses when my one friend who was in front called that there was someone running on the road being followed by zombies. Picturing one or two, I thought maybe we could save them. How wrong I was. I looked through the gate to see him tear past with a near endless stream following him, it was like watching a parade go by, complete with a sad single float that has somehow lost the pack in the form of a straggling monkey zombie. We watched him disappear into the night and saluted his efforts. What a brave man he was.
  5. Wizaaaaaards!!

    A couple of friends and I made a YouTube video of the various wizard based hijinks we got up to in Trine 2's excellent internet multiplayer. Look out for a sweet wizard flip at 2:09.
  6. Plug your shit

    That game is pretty good, like target leading practice, I played a good bit of it. Any plans to expand the franchise?
  7. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey all, I joined because cool shit seems to go down here according to a podcast I heard once. I play video games on the personal computer but I'm not particularly good at them. I like shooters as a main meal and ARPGs as a side dish, a salad if you will. Currently playing Path Of Exile and UT2004 seasoned with Quake Live as a beans on toast with cheese combo. I pretty much play everything except RTS and Lord Management games though. Cheers, Dan K