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  1. I'm tempted to take a crack at Jake's generated Frasier idea, well the text-only part -- so the simplest part. The idea of feeding the original script back into the generator with Frasier's lines removed and asking it to guess them might make for a nice middle ground between silly nonsense output and the actual script. But my beefy GPU is busy mining Reddit's new Garlic based cryptocurrency... What a world we live in.
  2. It sounds like you already decided to launch a brand new show instead of keeping this feed. And that you took some feedback earlier? I guess I'll chime in anyway. Many of my favorite podcasts have completely gone off the rails from the original format/topic/genre and that's cool. Would probably prefer just keeping the existing feed. Whatever though.
  3. Episode 367: Bite-sized Strategy

    I think you guys wrote off Clash Royale too quickly. It's a 3 minute Lords Management/RTS game. Perfect little bite sized strategy. The f2p stuff never prevents you from playing a match. Matches are real time and PvP. And most importantly, my personal experience is that there's absolutely no impulse to ever consider paying any money for it because it would only raise the equilibrium point I hit on the ladder. Unlike a game like Hearthstone where I can make perfect copies of pro decks if I just put in a little more money, I will never max out my Clash Royale cards since it would take something like $20,000 dollars so there's no reason to even try. Paying money just means you hit an equilibrium point on the ladder slightly higher. I strongly dislike any f2p game that has me constantly wondering when and if I should put money in so this works out surprisingly great. Now Clash of Clans and Mobile Strike and those others are dreck.
  4. Invisible Inc.

    Volt Disruptors still don't have a cooldown as far as I can tell. There is also new item the DLC adds which is halfway between a volt and a neuro, it uses a certain amount of power per armor penetration needed, and does have a cooldown though.
  5. Invisible Inc.

    The DLC adds a couple extra days if you have it enabled, which nearly doubles the playing time of the campaign. As I understand it - I haven't reached the end myself.
  6. Invisible Inc.

    This game is just fantastic. I started on Beginner, but at Day 2 I restarted the game on Experienced, and the difficulty is pretty solid for learning the game with the three rewinds. I did start with the DLC and I kind of wish I hadn't, so I could have played one short campaign and then done the longer campaign on Expert, but so it goes. I'm sad that it doesn't seem very popular - I can't even find anyone streaming it on twitch and I think the permadeath and tension would make it an exciting game to watch. This forum is also the only gaming forum I've seen active discussion on it, other than the Steam forums.
  7. Invisible Inc.

    I think the UI might be hard to see on a TV, unless you can force it to run at 720p or something?
  8. Invisible Inc.

    This game is free this weekend on Steam, and on sale. I'm loving what I've played so far.
  9. Designer Notes 13: Jamie Cheng

    I love his chess analogy. You wouldn't play a game of Chess (or soccer, or Civ for that matter) and if you happen to lose the game, you don't think "well since I lost, I wasted all that progress in the game and now I have to play the whole game again and catch up." But that's how people treat many games where loss is a possible outcome or even inevitable.
  10. Social Justice
  11. Social Justice

    Wonderful post. You should combine your recent comments into a medium article or something. I can't even count the number of hot takes I'm seeing this week on pc culture run amok, the same pundits going back to the story multiple times in the same week. For me, the issue thing was summed up by someone on twitter with: "If I got into an argument with my condominium manager would it make national news?"
  12. Heroes of The Storm Thumb ID swap

    Azzo#1265. NA Server. Playing way too much of this game.
  13. Hopefully this continues to it's logical conclusion and the show continues to mirror the structure of the first season, because that would means the next episode is a time jump 17 years into the future. The rest of the series takes place in a dystopian cyberpunk 2032. Vinci is a corporate free-commerce zone fully independent from the United States. Everyone's smoking ecigs and "robot dick" is no longer just an expression -- it was foreshadowing.
  14. Her Story

  15. I've now played more Hots than any other Lords Management. The short games really help take the sting out of all the faults. Just about ready to jump into Hero League, though I can only play maybe 3 heroes competently. I find I'm way less annoyed by the free-to-play stuff than I expected. My inclination is just to play the same hero over and over again regardless!
  16. http://famousvideo Good stuff, example:
  17. Famous video games in Conversation

    I feel a bit bad that so many involve Jonathan Blow. He seems quite friendly and laid back honestly, especially on stream, he's been quoted badly a few times in the past and it created a bizarre image.
  18. What I'm hearing about GTA 5 is: skip the single player campaign and go straight to multiplayer heists, and you get a top tier heist game rather than a cliched crime story.
  19. Episode 303: Heroes of the Storm

    I just started playing, but I don't think that's the case. I was watching a Rank 1 player analyze a game he played, and he must have said, "This is what I should have done, or our team should have done, based on what we can see in this situation... but this is what we did instead." more than 20 times for that single match. There's still a ton of room for improvement at the top. Example: I also hadn't seen that the 'standard' way to play Vikings is to have every player take the same lane and push, while Viking player lanes the other two lanes by themselves, and leaves a third viking in the group lane to help push. Watching someone skilled play that way is pretty nuts, they are dodging enemy skill shots and everything in all three lanes at once!
  20. It's been so long that I hardly remember, but I know I rarely used stacks of all the same composition. The economy was really interesting and different. Retreat with wounded companies and let them heal up again was a cool dynamic. The various movement options -- move faster, but if you're caught, you're stuck at 50% combat effectiveness, etc. Battles were very position based, you really had to start the battle with everything just right since you can't just disengage, that wasn't like any other RTS. Maybe start with the TMA episode: I don't remember much about the campaign I played mostly custom games, using mixing humans and AIs. Note you can download improved AI scripts, easily moddable AI was one of the innovations as well:
  21. Episode 303: Heroes of the Storm

    It's pretty crazy how far Lords Managements have penetrated into gaming. There are more active players every month playing League of Legends than all of Xbox Live, all games, both consoles, combined. There are almost 10x as many active players on LoL as there are on Steam, all games combined. So words like 'jungle' and 'last hit' really have entered the common vocabulary, but there's still a huge wall between people who who have played Lords Managements and those who haven't. I found a decent breakdown of hots mechanics here: No joke, I haven't lost a game since listening to this podcast and getting a basic understanding of some of the mechanics I never bothered to look into before. 8 - 0!
  22. Episode 303: Heroes of the Storm

    I was shocked to hear that one hero kill at early levels is only worth 1.5 creep waves. Does anyone have a link to a good breakdown of the counter-intuitive mechanics in this game?
  23. Yeah, I recall something reading this too, somewhere. I think it was something like his family used to vacation in Europe as a kid he didn't know the language very well or at all, so he'd be poring through books and trying to make sense of what he could understand, using what pictures were there as a base, etc. And as a child this was exceptionally evocative. So to some extent Demon/Dark Souls were an intentional recreation of that feeling. Wish I could find the exact interview.
  24. Social Justice
  25. Serial - The Podcast

    Well it would also be strange if they introduced a bunch of new facts in the last two episodes, unless they were just recently revealed. It was already a little hokey the way they held back information in the first few episodes. For me the peak was the conversation with the Innocence Project folks. It was an interesting discussion anyway and then the lady she's talking to decides to assign her students to the case. It's mind blowing that Nisha mentions that she talked about the video store in the one damming phone call that the case hinges on. She says this unprompted (the prosecutor has to cut her off even!). There doesn't seem to have been much followup on this, although the full transcripts are not available. But this seems like a mistake almost as big as not following up with the library alibi. Some interesting followup on what her laywer could have done in cross: