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  1. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Recently I tapped into an integral part of geekdom that had nearly passed me by: comic books. That also means graphic novels, which I had minor relations with, and I had read a few comic collections here and there, but I've been driven to expand my repertoire quite a bit. I ended up taking recommendations and making an exorbitant Amazon purchase full of books of all types, which I've only barely touched upon, starting with Marvel 1602 and Watchmen. Those were good choices. As we begin to see comics become more prevalent in the film and entertainment industries, I think there'll also be an upswing in interest (I bought a Walking Dead volume that is about the same size as me, which I have trouble lifting.) Open for discussion: What are your favorite comics? What would you recommend to new comic readers of all kinds? Which do you wish were more in the spotlight?
  2. Ready Player One

    I love entertainment for pure entertainment sake. This was a great read, it's a book your devour. It was written like it was a friend talking to me, infinitely familiar and comfortable, with all the little exciting bits about game culture and the 80's. I slammed on a few Rush albums (when the situation called for it) and charged through it in one sitting. Oddly enough, I found myself much more affectionate than I had expected. The details still swim around in my little dino brain, it stayed with me... Must mean I liked it a lot. Something doesn't have to be life-changing for it to be good, and I think this book is downright awesome. Oh, plus Ernie is a super rad individual, nicest dude. I got to hang out in the DeLorean they gave away. What. WHAT!
  3. Goodreads

    +1 to that. I constantly forget release dates or suggestions of books / games / music, plus the need to keep track of the entire Discworld series which is driving me batty. I think I'm like halfway through OR AM I?
  4. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    ALSO also Q.U.B.E. if you haven't touched it. Q.U.B.E. By:Toxic Games? Dudes had wicked accents. Available: Steam, Desura, the usual suspects. Synopsis: You're in a sort of lab and you get out of it. Not a lot of story that I caught along the way. From the breathing, I presume the character is a man. It feels very Portal-like, challenging puzzles and clever gameplay (mild bugginess that comes from being Just So Indie) but it rocks the puzzley part of my brain. Been sitting at Sector 7 for a few months now but it's an icon I wistfully glance at from time to time, wanting to finish.
  5. This doesn't seem like something we'd be flippant about, so I'll double check on this as well. It should be routing to somewhere much more local than that, if it isn't then that's a big concern, thanks for bringing it up. It's sad to see cultural stereotypes in gaming, but if you think the negativity is bad in NA, Europeans face it much more. So many languages and countries that already have cultural tension that I think it's easier to generalize "__(country)__ is full of douchebags" instead of "That one game we played was full of douchebags" independently. Jerks are jerks, and it's so much easier to classify when it's based on a type of person. Other than splitting servers consistently, it's hard to rectify and make everyone happy-playtime in such a competitive game type. 'Til then it's just damage control on all the hate. If it wasn't language and cultures, it'd be lag, our carry is a nub, and so forth. There's always something to blame...
  6. Books, books, books...

    Scipio, I just started on The Scar, is that... a bad idea? I found that I like the world and general story of Mieville's work but I feel he tends to overwrite it. Like the DM you'd NEVER want in your D&D group. Currently I'm reading through... well, you know the comic A Softer World? The creator, Joey Comeau has a few books I picked up. They're quite short so I read two of them already (not too excited about them) until I tried One Bloody Thing After Another. Now THAT, that's turning out good. I'm 30% in and thinking about it a lot. Might sacrifice my Friday night to go finish a super-quick novella!
  7. Goodreads

    Books to-read actually sounds like a very enticing feature, I have a whole stack of them strewn around my room, in my Kindle, and some that I haven't purchased either way... that might be a great way to organize it. Actually, double-useful since I read The Great Gatsby and IMMEDIATELY forgot I'd done so. I think that recommendations take a bludgeon approach on sites like these (Kind of like Pandora, where if you like ONE trip hop song then your entire channel goes wild with it?) but sometimes it opens my eyes to some good things I wouldn't have checked. Sounds like I have a project for the evening, thanks for all the help!
  8. I done joined me a group. 91 members is awesome! Hope to see some good gamin' in there. You know, I read through this and it just didn't sit right. I asked around and I'm sorry but you seem to be very mistaken in all the information you have. Riot's servers have not been hosted in Mountain View, and Brazilian players would not have to route through Spain's servers to play on the North American client. To our knowledge, we've never given a talk on the subject of traffic or servers either. Maybe something was misinterpreted here? Or the information is outdated by 2+ years, anyone's guess. The ping in Brazil could surely be better but that is actively being addressed.
  9. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    Awesome! This just showed up at the IndieCade booth at E3 (and the festival later for sure) and caught my eye, too much good stuff to see there. If you have a good 20 minutes, try out: Molydeuxsa By: John Nesky, Ashley Zeldin, created at the Los Angeles "What Would Molydeux" gamejam Available: PLAY IT IN YA BROWSAH Synopsis: You are Percy. You wash windows. A distant relative of Perseus, Percy is on Medusa's gorgon family hit list. Using the windows you wash, survive the attack and don't get knocked off. Simple. Ridiculous.
  10. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Also hello! And greetings and all that. Just here traipsing around to see people I know... hi people I know! I'm Nik, I like indie games and I put $10 into the Thumbs kickstarter which I then realized wasn't enough to get Thirty Flights of Loving and then I met Brendon a week later and it was awkward as I found out I wasn't getting the game he made despite Atom Zombie Smashers being responsible for my sanity during Christmas Break also I like run on sentences.
  11. Recently completed video games

    I feel like I never have time to complete a game, if I do it's probably on a handheld because it's easier to eschew normal sleep hours when you're in bed and thoroughly entertained. I did make a note to FINALLY finish Stacking. I'd left it at 91% for about 2 months before hopping back in for the final chapter. I should have planned that better, 10 minutes later I was done with the game. So fleeting! Awesome experience, but for all the flatulence.
  12. Indie Game: Sang-Froid A Tale of Werewolves

    Wow, exactly my thoughts. The more I watched it, the more intrigued I became. How are they promoting this? Going to any indie gaming festivals like IndieCade? I think people would eat this up there, if the submission date hasn't passed.
  13. Goodreads

    Maybe you guys can clear my mind. A lot of my friends use GoodReads but I don't have too much interest in reviewing books for others. What other features does GoodReads offer, what have you found interesting/useful? I tend to use my Kindle profile to keep track of quotes and books I've read, etc, but I guess it could stand to be a more social experience.