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  1. Starcraft 2

    - I'mma check it right now and share opinion later. Thanks, sir --
  2. Starcraft 2

    The incoming expansion could be a very good reason for someone who have left the game to come back to it. For me this series has always been the most fun to play at the time when new strategies could be invented - not just the... execution of existing strategies. Let's see what kind of new tactics will open up with the new units... So, how do you like them so far?
  3. Board Game Daydreams

    - I had this silly fantasy of becoming a legendary Go player who goes on challenging Chinese mystics and kung-fu masters. The whole point is to play the game philosophically, not just as a sport - in correspondence with the teachings of feng shui - imagine playing a session of Go against a white-bearded sage on his isolated adobe within the mountains with a panoramic view to the surrounding areas, the sun shining, a spring rippling nearby...while drinking tea and smoking pipe on a lazy afternoon.
  4. - Well, 3MA (and the Flash of Steel blog as a whole) inspired me, motivated me and in a way - justified for me the creation of a strategy game, so, so far this project have costed me about 15k euro