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  1. Episode 175: Gods and Kings

    I haven't sunk enough time into Endless Space to give it a real and true thumbs up yet, but if it continues on the path it's on, I will recommend it in the future. <snark>Yes, despite the fact that "star fleets" are really just those gauche Stacks of Doom</snark>
  2. Episode 176: We're Building a Better World

    I generally prefer game-specific episodes to concept-specific ones, but I thoroughly enjoyed this ep because I could see both sides of the issue. The best games have flavor along with everything else you're looking for in a strategy game, but I feel that missing or weak flavor is a far lesser offense than poor AI, poor UI, non-situational decisions, etc. This is especially true in the current gaming ecosystem since flavor can be amped up later with patches or DLC, whereas very few companies will admit that they launched their game with terrible core gameplay and completely rebuild it, yet anything less (in some cases) is just rearranging the deck chairs.