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  1. DayZ

    so jealous. I need to get back on. Dark Souls has been eating all my time this week.
  2. DayZ

    Yeah, that's exactly what I heard. Scared the crap out of me. I just presumed it was the sound of impact, but you can tell from the video that the bullet's hitting dirt sounds different, muffled like you said earlier.
  3. DayZ

    If I ran away for nothing, then I'm hilariously embarrassed. I don't know, though. As I ran, they fired more and they stopped firing when I got behind the truck. Paranoia is my main feeling in DayZ though, so...
  4. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    He just released an updated version that fixes that and more.
  5. DayZ

    Damn, I'm just heading offline. GMT will be a sucker for this. Might get to play with you guys this weekend.
  6. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Game's out, and so is Durante's resolution fix. The port feels pretty unoptimized, but it looks fantastic running at higher, native resolutions Edit: Turns out it's having some wonky performance on ATI cards, seems to be getting solid 30fps on almost all half decent nVidia cards.
  7. DayZ

    Holy shit. So I decided to do a run to the airfield for loot. Horrible idea because, although I saw no players, the place was crawling with zombies. I did end up replacing my AKM for an M4, if only because it's apparently not as loud. Anyway, on the way back South running toward Stary Sobor, I start hearing a few gunshots, but they sound real weak like they're pretty far off in the distance. So I keep an eye out for the general direction they're coming from, and continue running. As I'm moving through some trees, a few more shots fire off, and I start hearing them crack off the ground and trees around me. I immediately stand up and sprint, and look round to see if I can see the shooter, which I can't. The shots are also attracting zombies, so I'm having to dodge two things now. I just about make it behind a truck to cover his fire so I can turn and take out the wave of zombies that have been approaching. After they were all dealt with, I sprint down into Stary and hide in a building and waited for about five minutes. I didn't hear any further shots, so either he didn't follow me or I lost him. But man, the sound design in that small encounter was just phenomenal. It's not a new sound for me to hear in video games, but it's the first time I remember that hearing the rounds crack off the trees actually mattered, and it's one of the first times where the sound surprises you and splits the silence. The more I play the game, the more small things just keep revealing themselves that destroy me with happiness.
  8. All the Ultima games are on sale on GoG at the minute. From what I hear, 7 is the best, along with the Underworld games.
  9. DayZ

    We'd be the Robin Hoods of Chenarus. Amazing. This needs to happen. Once we all are equipped to survive, of course.
  10. Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse Kickstarter

    The backgrounds like fantastic, and the return of some of the original team is great, as well as the original Nico. Characters look a bit weird, but not to a level where I'd be annoyed, and that's totally the art critic from the gallery in Two. Disappointed it's going KS, but I love the series too much not to back. I'll probably do the $100 pledge.
  11. DayZ

    Of course. We're not assholes, we just want what's ours; all the pepsi and beans. By the way, I just found two spare boxes of matches and a spare revolver, so if people need any of these, let me know. I'll probably be on at some point tomorrow evening.
  12. Anyone else feel like we now have something to aim for in DayZ? Flight of the Thumbs. A helicopter will be ours.
  13. The talk about the female gamer stuff reminded me of this pretty great story from last week:
  14. DayZ

    We should start a roving group of bandits that hold up every player we see and demand they hand over their beans and Pepsi.
  15. Half-Life 3

    I remember that demo killing me knowing that there was no chance my laptop could run it. That first playthrough of Half-Life 2 is still really memorable in my head because with everything turned to their lowest, the thing still ran at roughly 15fps and my laptop would constantly overheat and shut itself down. And even then, I knew the game was just something else. It's hard to believe it's been almost five years since The Orange Box and Episode 2. God damn, Valve. I don't think the wait would have been so bad if they didn't leave it on that cliffhanger.
  16. DayZ

    That's straight up cold blooded. I don't know why, but the scenario of a group of guys coming across a bike and killing each other for it just popped into my head and seemed hilarious. I bet that's happened.
  17. DayZ

    That seems really odd to me because you'd be getting more out of killing someone in an early part of your characters life. When you're geared up, killing other players seems to be less about surviving and more about sport. I guess the other side of the argument would be that if you're not going to kill, the gear you've collected is sort of pointless. I will say that I'm starting to get pretty decked out with equipment now, but up to this point I've never had to kill another player. I've either been able to avoid a confrontation or the other players I've run into have either killed me on sight without me being able to react or have been good guys. It'll be interesting hitting that first point when I don't need to kill but feel like doing it anyway.
  18. DayZ

    Well, that was horrible. Got cornered in a barn by a ton of zombies they absolutely wrecked me. Just about got away with 1000 blood and broken bones. Crawled to a nearby house in search of morphine and was killed. So I spawned on the East coast and spent 40 minutes running back to Stary Sobor in hopes that no one had gotten to my gear before me. Thankfully they hadn't, but the whole time was spent sprinting through the darkness with dozens of zombies behind me. Think I'll call it a night there. Don't have the energy to explore the rest of Stary at night.
  19. DayZ

    I've been up there a few times, and it's been borderline suicide if you're alone. There's a ton of great loot up there, so a lot of groups and bandits hang around it.
  20. DayZ

    I'm up at Novy Sobor now, so I might risk running over to Stary in an attempt to raid the supermarket in hope of matches and the military base over there.
  21. DayZ

    This game just doesn't want to give me matches. It's all I need to become a hunter, but I can't find them anywhere.
  22. DayZ

    Clearly my brain has gone into DayZ overdrive, because I woke up at 5.30 this morning in a cold sweat, and swore that I heard and could see the ghillie suit man from the DayZ Haunting video standing at the edge of my bed. I literally was frozen and couldn't look round to see. I eventually snapped out of it, but that was a weird experience. I hardly ever have weird sleep experiences too. Can't wait to play some more later.
  23. DayZ

    Dare I say it, but maybe we need an "Idle Thumbs DayZ Prone Zone" Steam group? Might help us coordinate any future in-game meets.
  24. DayZ

    Depending on the server's settings, you'll see their name if you put your crosshairs on them. A lot of servers disable that, though.
  25. DayZ

    I think you press L, but it only works after sunset.