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  1. Consolidated ID Exchange

    This is awesome, thanks. I've just added myself for Overwatch funtimes.
  2. Torchlight II

    If the shitty wizard does make a comeback, I'm hoping for some way to respond to that always-delightful 'and removes all your enchantments!'. Nothing violent, it's not really his fault he's a shitty wizard, but perhaps a complaints process so we can be assured it'll show up on his performance evaluation. Otherwise, it might be time for a shitty wizard boycott, and I don't think anyone wants that.
  3. Dragon's Dogma

    Yeah, please keep the impressions coming, particularly whether that 'repetitive' thing from upthread is an issue. I'm hoping I can get more dragons into my life. (I like that thought about Go as well. The complexity comes from the mechanism being extremely relational - the value and significance of the move is contextual. The repetition of Assassin's Creed, while based on more complex and interlocked mechanisms, lacks any real contextual change. There's little value derived from this sit-down-and-eavesdrop mission as opposed to that sit-down-and-eavesdrop mission.)
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Spaff says to say hi, so I say hi. Who am I to refuse? First time greeter. Forumer. Something. Basically, I'm counting on you guys to make me think smart thoughts about Video games so I can start blogging again. [Edit: my hilarious avatar was indeed too small to read. Have a hipster Applejack for now.] Hiiiiiiii!
  5. Did you know you can play games on *computers* now?