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  1. Anyone who is familar with the original Mad Max movies should not have been surprised that the story being told was not Tom Harding's character's story. He is the vehicle through which the audience sees the other character's story. That is what was so strange about some of the backlash on the Internet, which was admittedly small. They talked about Max not being the main character like the original films and I had to ask myself, have you even seen the original films? Anyway, Fury Road was an excellent movie and frankly my new favorite from the series.
  2. Designer Notes 14: Mark Herman

    I don't know of a 20/20 trample creature but waaaay back when I used to play in the 90's there was a creature called the Force of Nature that was 8/8 trample, I wonder if that was it.
  3. Episode 332: Chaos Reborn

    Sounds like an interesting game. I don't know what the purpose of being shown your roll would be, either way you are taking the game's word for it that it did the math right. It could show you a roll but unless you see how it is arriving at that roll you just have to trust the math adds up.
  4. Episode 307: Roguelikes

    I think at a certain point all the arguments about nomenclature miss the point a little bit. The only reason we argue about this is because we are so passionate about the games themselves that are bending or breaking these rules. Rogue Legacy is a great game and whether we call it a roguelike or a rogue-lite or whatever is kind of besides the point, if plays off those roguelike mechanics and thus "roguelike" is just a shorthand to help convey the experience. I have recently dived really deep into a roguelike called Nuclear Throne. It is a top down action game but features permadeath, procedural generated levels, and a punishing difficulty. I've got well over 400 hours into and I've only been playing it for about six months.
  5. I'm still listening to the podcast but I wanted to make a quick comment, you shouldn't have to move your heroes back to town, you should have other heroes that are basically the supply line heroes, heroes you hire to ferry troops to your front lines. I think it was intended for you to do this. Otherwise it could literally take a full ingame week or two to go around with one heroe and recruit all your troops.
  6. The sad thing about this Zoe Quinn stuff is I actually thought some serious ethics had been breached at first, because if you read what had been posted people were saying that Zoe Quinn was having sexual relations with Nathan Grayson in exchange for a good review and other positive coverage, and assuming that homework had been done, at this point a couple days after it all came out, I believed it. Then when I looked into it a little more I realized that was completely made up. People are so threatened, and angry, and ready to lash out at those people they preceive to be "attacking" so called traditional gaming that they will both completely make up false allegations and then on the flip side of that coin be wholly ready to accept these accusations without looking into the matter any deeper than a forum post. I have resolved to stay 100% out of these types of topics in the future, just like talking about religion and politics with friends and family, just don't do it unless you know that you both watch the same cable news network.
  7. I love the total cheese cake look of the art in Dragon's Crown. I know the perception exists that all games are like this, but more now than ever this isn't really the case. Just like every game portraying women as hyper sexualized objects was bad for the medium, a video game industry where no cheese cake, no tittilation for tittilation's sake, exists also makes for a poorer medium.
  8. Episode 255: Wizard

    OK, either Rob is having serious medical issues or he is in need of an intervention. What is going on here?
  9. Episode 254: Putin on the Ritz

    Troy's mic is so bad. Please fix it. Your audience is too big now for audio quality that poor.
  10. Episode 245: Auld Lang Zerg

    As far as the name of a noise maker, Wikipedia has them listed under "Party horn" and says this on the matter of proper nomeclature, "Unusually, the item is not known consistently by any term in English, also being known as a blow-out, blower, noisemaker, tweeter, blow tickler, squeaker or a fizoo"
  11. So people having fun killing virtual animals is a "problem" but killing virtual people, lets make that as fun as possible. This kind of stuff bugs me to no end.
  12. Episode 239: A Blizzard of Enthusiasm

    Diablo III on PC has NOT been cracked. Now did they gain sales from that? If so enough to offset lost sales from people like me who decided not buy it for that reason? I doubt it had a large impact on sales one way or the other. As far as Lords Management's being easier to have fun without a lot of practice I think that is nonsense. I had a terrible experience playing DOTA 2, as I was losing and losing. I think Rob may just be getting the impression that it is easier to get into because matchmaking is much better than older RTS games. Finally I did have one game where I did very well, but even that I did not enjoy all that much. I haven't played again since.
  13. Episode 219: Meeting of the Minds

    This was a great cast but man that one guy's breathing and signing into the mic was so distracting.
  14. If you are really into board games there are plenty of ways to see everything you are going to get in your game before you get it. I don't play board games at all and yet I watch a TON of The Dice Tower, which is a great video and podcast covering board games. Tom Vasel runs it and does a lot of videos where he will break down a game, how it is played, what parts it includes, and his thoughts on all of it. Worth checking out for anyone into any kind of gaming.
  15. Even though I grew up with Mario, or perhaps because I did, I find Mario the character to be incredibly banal and boring. A plumber with a mustache. The Rayman character I came to later in life through Legends on the PC and I love the game and the character so much more than Mario the character or the game. I really think our perception of the quality of the game they are in colors our views of how good the characters are.
  16. Great episode and great to hear Chris talk about what is going on with him and the Kickstarter. I have already backed Wildman even though it is not trending to hit its goal. Such a shame, Wildman sounds amazing and is something different. No wonder it hasn't garnered a lot of backers. No wonder publishers won't touch new IP and new genres. We bring it on ourselves. There is still time for interested parties to back Wildman.
  17. Exactly, it was not a bad show and even though I understood approximately 1% of what was being discussed I still listened to the whole show. I am sure if I knew more about LoL I would have found it much more interesting than I did. The odd thing is the Rob is usually such a good host. I don't know if he felt cowed by the depth of knowldge the guests and other panelist hold on the subject or what, but usually he does a good job of keeping the show on track and accessible.
  18. Well how much do you really want to shape the show through editing anyway? It was, I hate to say it, mostly the host's fault. He should have been the one making sure the audience knew what was being discussed.
  19. While I love the idea of this podcast it really sucked to listen to as a LOL outsider. No one gave any of us unfamiliar with LoL any kind of grounding, the discussion seemed to assume that I was familiar with LoL and all the concepts and terms being thrown around, which I am not. I felt lost most of the time and it was often hard to tell just when a competitive team or player was being discussed or characters from the game! So while there was still some interesting discussion and I listened to the whole thing this was probably one of the least rewarding episodes for me as a fan of Three Moves Ahead out of all of them. If you do something like this again please give your audience some information and clarify what you are talking about so people are not left feeling totally lost.
  20. As an avid strategy gamer and a lover of 4x strategy games since I first played the original Master of Orion I have to take issue with the way Cory Banks insisted on claiming that Endless Space's lack of any world building is not a fault. I have not played Endless Space yet, I am hoping it will be on sale during the Steam summer sale. That being said when you look at a game like Master of Orion (I still play MOO2 every now and then) the world building really adds richness to the game. If you get rid of that stuff you are not playing a game, you are manipulating a system. Are comments ever going to go back to Flash of Steel? I hate listening to the show at Flash of Steel, reading the articles at Flash of Steel, then having to come over to this site for the sole purpose of signing in and writing comments. I realize now this is part of the Idle Thumbs thing, making sure some of your listeners come to the site and discover the other podcasts. It is still annoying. EDIT: Something really funny, when Cory was admitting to "defending Endless Space again" I was thinking wow, he sounds like the people ripping Tom Chick's review of Secret World. Then five seconds later he is called a fanboy! Its like Cory just doesn't understand this podcast is about serious critism, not blind defenses of games you think are "fun". I don't want this to sound like I am critiscing Cory, but I kind of am.
  21. So what happened to Rob Zacny? I see you are listed as host, he is no longer the host? Is he still even going to be on the show? Please don't tell me this is one of those things where all of a sudden some money comes into the picture and it ends up destroying the creative property that spawned it. I think you are a great regular but that Rob was probably better as a host. Well hopefully this will get cleared up. I just really want to know what is going on.