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  1. The Hypothetical Adventure Game

    That colored version looks really nice. I could see myself pointing and clicking my way through that.
  2. Video Games: The Making Of

    Though not specifically making ofs, here are some links to company-specific behind-the-scenes presentations: Valve Crytek Bungie Insomniac DICE And as mentioned above, the GDC Vault talks are always great, as are the D.I.C.E. Summit videos. And Steam Dev Days talks are up, too.
  3. The Wolf Among Us

    I too am enjoying this series. I also felt Episode 2 seemed slightly short, but I also felt like it was a bit tighter, which I liked. It does seem like some of the choices you make are a bit false, but I nonetheless appreciate the fact that I can be rough with people. Bigby don't got time for their crap! My favorite thing by far though about the series is the style, color, and lighting, especially that title music and sequence: so good!
  4. Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight 2014

    In the first round I voted for Fathomless, ExtraTerrarium, and Reentry. In the second round I voted for Mnemonic, Dear Leader, and Ether. That being said, I'm pumped to see all three of these games get prototyped. They are all designs I could see turning into something great. Really curious to see what Steed turns into, and I feel like I can see where Mnemonic and Dear Leader are going, but they're games I want to play. As for Little Pink Best Buds, I feel like it will either end up being extremely weird or a very interesting and surprising experiment. I'm most curious to see how that one turns out. There were so many great pitches this year. I want them all.
  5. Evolve

    Some of my most exciting and memorable multiplayer experiences are from playing co-op Left 4 Dead on Expert with my friends, so the fact that Evolve is coming out of Turtle Rock Studios has me very excited. If they can maintain variety on both the human and monster side of gameplay, and if the human side is more than just bullet sponge shooting (i.e. smaller enemies with AI Director-esque gameplay scenarios), this could be an incredibly fun game. I love the Alien vs. Predator vibe of the jungle environment, too, though I'm curous to see what other environments they have in store. I'd love to see more games implement this style of co-op. Very interested in this...
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey all, I've been listening since around the time Idle Thumbs first stopped realeasing new episodes, though I honestly can't remember if it was just before or just after. Upon finding it, I quickly went back and listened to the backlog of episodes and have been listening ever since. I eagerly backed the kickstarer when it went up and have since attended my first PAX (Prime 2012). There I attended the live panel and felt like an awkward fanboy when I saw the Thumbs around the show floor. Ultimately I've been interested in participating more in discussions about games and though I signed up a while back, this is my first post and I'm looking forward to the conversations. P.S. - I'm a CompSci student in college, but I love concept art, level design, and environment art, and my favorite part of games is being transported into new worlds, new environments, and new situations. Thanks for having me, Oky