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  1. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins

    Enjoyed the show and the discussion of older games. FWIW, like the original Combat Mission games, all the old SSG Warlords games (Warlords, Warlords II and Warlords III) are now available at GOG, no need to search for abandonware and fixes to get the old exe's running on modern operating systems.
  2. Episode 402: Battle Brothers

    "Also, any game making a specific comment about refugees in the last couple years is absolutely making a statement about current events." That seems like a bit of a stretch. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
  3. Thanks for the info. I was able to snag a copy of Beyond Valor this past week on EBay, for essentially the retail price. The current ASL rules have been a bit harder to locate so far. Thanks again for the episode and I'm looking forward to the rest of the "winter of war gaming" episodes. Have y'all considered covering BFC's latest generation of Combat Mission? I don't play it as much as I did their first generation of Combat Mission, I especially miss their random map generator, but for my money it's still the best computer wargame at the Squad Leader level.
  4. I very much enjoyed the episode. I played the original Squad Leader back in the early 80s as a teenager. Having purchased that game and all of its subsequent modules with my fairly limited disposable income, I was turned off when AH then required us to ante up for an expensive new rule book and components in order to keep playing new games in the series. With that and heading off to college, I never tried ASL. However, your episode has perked my interest. But when I checked the MMP website I was surprised to find that neither the ASL rule book nor the core module you mentioned, Beyond Valor, are even available for sale. The MMP website simply says that they are out of stock, without any information as to when they might be available again. Is this normal for them? Does anyone have any idea how frequently MMP re-prints/re-releases these items? Maybe there focus is primarily on just servicing their existing customer base.
  5. A belated thanks for the replies guys, as I finally had a chance to check back on the forum.
  6. Did anybody catch the fourth fantasy strategy title of 2012 which Tom Chick mentioned (in addition to Conquest of Elysim, Fallen Enchantress and Warlock)? It was one I had not heard of and would like to take a look at if I can track it down.