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  1. I agree it would be nice if HBS could do a Battletech-like game again if they can’t get the rights to do Battletech. For something Sci-fi where you are managing a merc company, I’ve thought someone could do something with Hammers Slammers, but there wouldn’t be mechs in that.
  2. Designer Notes 80: Jake Solomon - Part 1

    I'm looking forward to listening to Part 2.
  3. Not sure what happened, but on the apple podcast app this episode is playing episode 600 about dotAge for me, with no episode 600 listed. Itunes, and the apple webpage for the podcast though play the correct episode with Len, Bret, and Father Lorris.
  4. Designer Notes 23: Sid Meier - Part 1

    Interesting to hear that Sid was using a stack based language. I remember hearing about Starflight being programmed in Forth and thinking that was cool.
  5. I noticed on Amazon that Ubisoft is shipping AoM. How the heck did they end up with this title?
  6. Episode 166 - Strategic Tee Ball

    It also sounds like something Bunten would have said as well. He was a big believer in games as a social experience.