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  1. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey everyone! Just started posting here after watching the Idle Thumbs stream for Dayz and thought this would be a good community of people to start getting to know. I studied Matte painting and concept art creation with movies in mind but over the years and some reflection I decided to start focusing on using these skills for video games since that is what I am most passionate about. Now I am currently working on an indie game, doing the art direction is a challenge but I am having a blast! My tastes in games is still developing and being fine tuned I noticed over the last couple years. Before, it was Halo and battlefield games that took up most of my gaming time, but now its games like Dayz and Minecraft that excite me now. Being able to to create your own story while also expressing your creativity seems to be a win for me. My most anticipated games at the moment are GTA V and Fortnite. Really can't wait to get my hands on Unreal 4 and learn how to mod the hell out of Fortnite if it's any good. Have a good one!
  2. DayZ

    Someone went to Chernarus and took a bunch of photos. I am very surprised how accurate the map is.
  3. DayZ

    I was playing lastnight on the Neogaf server (us 38) and found a bike in Chero, decided to bike all the way up to the military base are the top left of the map. Took me about 20 mins to get there. I was able to make it into the fire station and had to shoot a zombie, then 30 more stream in behind him. I died... Deer stands are a gret place to find weapons as well and the majority of them are not in towns which is nice. Altough zombies do spawn around them.
  4. DayZ

    I just made this group that someone mentioned above haha I like the name! If anyone wants to join that group its public. I say we all gather up at some point and take a picture of us all in the prone position and use that as the group avatar
  5. DayZ

    I turned this stream on right before bed lastnight, thinking that I would watch for a little bit and nod off. I ended up watching all of it until 5 am and just as engaged as I would be watching a good movie. I have been looking for a good server to play on, if Idle Thumbs has a server could someone let me know? It would be great to play with some mature players that want to start a town in land.