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  1. This would have been great to have Johan and Soren talk more. Not just listen to Mike talk about how he doesn't get grand strategy games.
  2. This was a great topic! It reminded me of that game of Civ 2 where the guy was stuck playing a forever war for 10 years. Paradox games are definitely games that stay on my computer and I will keep coming back to. Same as Total War games - TW3 with Immortal Empires and mods is enough to keep me going for a long, long time.
  3. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins

    I have been listening to 3MA since the first episodes (can I get anyone a coffee?). I don't listen to it as much as I used to - I think because of the issue Troy raised that there are so many games coming out now. If the show is about a game I am not interested in then I'll skip it. But what I have always appreciated about what Troy and then Rob have done in hosting is to put out a quality product, month after month, year after year. No messing about, no 'banter' about long running in-jokes, just getting down to brass tacks and discussing the topic. It really is appreciated and looking forward to the next 500 shows.
  4. After so many Winters of Wargaming titles like Command Ops 2 don't even get a mention
  5. Three Moves Ahead 476: Pericles

    This is my question also.
  6. Good episode. There are lots of little tidbits I love about this game – but there is one particular thing which I think is just brilliant that I love seeing. The responses from other leaders when you turn down their offers. In every other TW game, you get spammed with diplo requests and every time you refuse you get some snarky version of “well screw you too buddy”. When that happens I’m like “hey, you came to me, I’m the one dealing with this annoying shit every turn and you’re giving me attitude??”. But I didn’t realise just how much that grated on me until this game. It is such a delight now with diplomacy when you turn down Kong Rong or someone they just give you a “cool, no problems” and that’s it. On the shadow unit cards - there is an option buried in the graphic menu that lets you turn them into normal unit cards that have the actual troops on them - it's a million times better. One more point - Rob you didn’t “Hannibal” it over the mountains – you "Deng Ai’d" it over the mountains! Someone actually went and looked at what it took for Deng Ai to sneak an army into Liu Bei's kingdom in Sichuan
  7. Troy did just that on the Single Malt Strategy podcast last month.
  8. More Kiwis on the podcast please.
  9. I'll pretty much listen to Troy and Rob bang on about anything really, so 1 or 2 shows a year about other topics doesn't phase me. But I prefer listening to them talk about games.
  10. Wrong! The podcast was always called Three Moves Ahead. It was hosted on Troy's blog called Flash of Steel.
  11. What chess videos does Austin watch?
  12. Ha, I came here to post this - the podcast got sooo close when Bruno asked about games where the AI follows different rules to the player, but then it veered away again. Warlords Battlecry 2 is another game that was streets ahead of its contemporaries in relation to skirmishes and compstomps. You could actually take your hero out of the 'Total War' style campaign and go play a bunch of skirmishes with him to level up, and he would keep that experience when you took him back to the campaign game. Like AOE though, there were so many factions it was impossible to ever master.
  13. This podcast actually inspired me to fire up WitW! If you have the Operation Torch expansion there are actually quite a lot of separate scenarios – although it would have been good if they did a second expansion like they did for WitE and added some more. But I guess they’re too busy on WitE2 which from what I understand is going to be porting a lot of the WitW features back over to that front. Bruce was right that a lot of the gameplay elements like building up points for an invasion are lifted directly from War in the Pacific – what I wouldn’t give for a sequel to that! On western front strategic games, a very good recent PC release is Strategic Command 3 – aka Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe. It sits quite comfortably below the Grigsby games on complexity, but gives you a good mix of battles and simple strategic and production decisions.
  14. Episode 424: Command Ops 2

    This is easily one of my top 5 games of all time. I love making my own AARs and drawing up plans with lots of arrows across the map and then executing them. (and seeing the plans all fall apart). On the topic of games that have a fog of war for your own units - the only one that springs to mind is the HPS sims game Tigers Unleashed - although it is still quite buggy.
  15. haha this was a great episode, seriously you could just spend an hour every week talking about old sci fi TV shows and it would be totally fine. I always had a soft spot for Voyager because it was really my 'first' Star Trek show that I watched from the beginning. I had seen some TNG shows, but the 90s wasn't like now and you couldn't just go and get all 7 seasons of a show to binge watch (which would be something like 50 VCRs). But I did have Janeway and Chakotay every week and, yeah the first season wasn't crash hot - but I was looking forward to another 6 or 7 seasons of the show that established itself as its own chapter of the Star Trek universe. Unfortunately we never got that, and I went off to college after season 3 so I have actually never even seen how it ends. .