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  1. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey guys, Long time fan of the podcast. I finally signed up for the forums after backing the kickstarter. I'm not much of a forums guy these days but I am looking forward to contributing to discussions around the book club each month. I think I can confidently maintain that level of output. I'm looking forward to having participating in whatever small way I can to what seems like an awesome community
  2. 1Q84

    I received 1Q84 as a gift and whilst I enjoyed how Murakami constructed the key characters I could not tolerate the pace of the narrative. I did work my way through to the end despite never quite being invested in the journey that I was being taken on. It was my first Murakami book so I am hesitant to try some the titles that others have praised in this thread, at least in preference of other books in my backlog.
  3. I'd like to throw a few suggestions out there for books I'd love to revisit and/or hear some discussion on. I've tried to pick out books that are not too lengthy as it would benefit any discussion if more people could complete them. Vladimir Nabokov - Pnin: I was directed to this book just after The Stanley Parable was released and it explores the concept of the unreliable narrator in some really interesting and entertaining ways Philip K Dick - Ubik / The Man in the High Castle - I just selected the two books from Dick that I have enjoyed the most. His ability to craft fascinating worlds effortlessly has always amazed me. Ursula Le Guin - The Left Hand of Darkness - I did not think that a science fiction story could floor me the way that this did. The relationships that develops over the course of the narrative really touched me. Anyway, those are my suggestions. I'm look forward the opportunity to read all the selections that will be made for the book club.