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  1. I got in! Ok, bragging over. This thing is REAAAALLLY noob friendly. Like you're forced into a tutorial, then into a practice game, then a cooperative game, then finally you can play an actual game. Not totally "someone with too many hundreds of hours in League/DOTA/whatever" friendly out the gate I must say, but I guess that's not the point. It also feels slower and more steady than DOTA/2. At least slow in that "getting a no death/ 8 person kill streak in in DOTA would make me unstoppable." But here I still had to hang back a lot. At the same time it's a lot faster, maps are smaller but more varied. Matches last maybe half an hour and less. Also there are actual "mapS" which is honestly pretty nice, and frankly I already think hardcore LOMA players need to get the hell over themselves and get some variety up in there. That being said the maps mostly feel like a variation on the same layout, but I digress. Surely there will be more to come later. I can hear Brad Shoemaker and Nick Brekon already agreeing that this is "such a baby game". Because the noob frienliness doesn't just extend to the opening. There's gates around the tower points enemies can't even get past, so just going around the side to kill some fools. There's also a non combat useable "mount" for everyone that just seems to be an acknowledgement that their movement speed is a bit slow normally. There's a "warp to base" stone, which is useless until the endgame when your all the way across the map from any of the more local healing places and need to go back. Speaking of healing, there's of course no items so healing feels like a big problem that you do have to go back for. Which actually makes it an interesting tradeoff. The err, lords, also feel well designed. There's pushers and healers and tanks, damage dealers as well but the combat is rather "forgiving" so there's nothing you'd recognize as the rapid death dealers from other LOMAs. Overall it feels like it has some interesting ideas, I like the multiple maps and captureable "merc" camps which spawn you extra creeps. I don't mind the possibility of faster matches, but the game already feels too hemmed in by trying to make itself ultra inviting for newcomers. As a recent spate of developers have said, people are smart enough to get most games if you just let them at it. You don't need to hold their hand all the way, and especially not designing the entire game just to keep holding their hand. I get the idea of a quicker, more casual DOTA, but this pushes a bit too much into simple and safe. Considering LoL has 27 million active players a month I'd say something a bit more complex still wouldn't be any real "barrier to entry" that Blizzard seems so intent on breaking down.
  2. Rust: It puts the lotion on its skin Ok, that's the preview. I'm pretty sure I'm buying this game when I've run out of other games to play. Because, tl;dr it's Minecraft + Day Z. And it's like Day Z in that you can do ultra fucked up shit to other players, except now you can build traps for them so its worse. One of the examples given was some guying building an entire unpassable wall around another guys house, and then feeding him at will (you still die if you don't eat) and if he's not cooperative yelling "It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again!" By which he meant just dumping coal on the poor player. And yet it's not as bad as Day Z because you carry crafting skills across lives, also its nice any sunny! What do you guys think?
  3. RIP Nintendo, 1889-2016

    Nintendo to develop and release new consoles for emerging markets in 2015 ... Wat? Wait you mean... the same market that already bought dirt cheap PS2's, and will be buying dirt cheap PS3's... consoles with huge game libraries and severely low costs and proven designs... Err.... Uhhh. Welp Nintendo's dead. I mean, maybe they could bring back to life, and by "bring it back to life" I mean "fire Saturo Iwata and bring in someone sane." But... wat? I mean... this is literally saying "Let's build a luxury product specifically and only for people that don't have money and thus can't afford luxury products." ... Wow
  4. Idle Thumbs 158: P is for Podcast

    Dude... Chris. Play Perfect Dark Zero if you haven't. Co-op. It's an old school shooter, and the best thing I remember from it is on one mission, sitting next to my brother, we carefully took out two lookouts in two different towers at the exact same time. And not because the game required it, or even suggested it. It's because they'd notice if the other was dead and hit the alarm, and then there was too many enemies. So we just totally set up the dual lookout snipe simultaneously because it was the thing to do.
  5. San Francisco Residents!

    Run and hide. Curl up in a ball and pretend everything is good, because you're going to spend a long fucking time looking for a place.
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    Christ you people. Ya'll losers give up arguments way too easily, and here I thought there was another good one going
  7. There wasn't a thread about... VR Games. And I'm figuring there probably isn't going to be separate VR game threads until there's enough units out in general. So here's a catch all for any VR only game, which is probably some little indie experimental thing. To get things started: Normally, watching this sort of gameplay would be utter nonsense if it were a typical gamepad/screen game. But just making it VR with those controllers suddenly makes the whole thing way more hilarious. "Gah smash everything, fuck this record! Fuck this glass! Fuck everything on this shelf!" Like Surgeon Simulator but you don't even need the surgery context. Which is a reason I think VR and these kind of controllers can take off.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    See that's what I'm saying. Pacific Rim DOESN'T have characters. I found the two leads about as totally worthless as Godzilla's vaguely human shaped goo. I wanted them to shut the hell up so the giant robots punching stuff could come back, just like I wanted the "humans" (Heisenberg aside...) in Godzilla to shut the hell up so the giant monsters wrecking stuff could come back.
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    The plot is kind of the same, and so are the reasons people watch these movies. "Boffin yells about giant alien/monster/thing that will destroy the earth." then "giant monster/alien/whatever" comes and destroys the earth, then "generic handsome dude goes to try and stop giant monster from destroying the earth" with the real thing people are actually watching it all for is "Ultra gratuitous destruction porn from some crazy sci-fantasy monster thing" and hopefully some stupid one liners (really the kind of main thing Godzilla was lacking here). So I personally consider them pretty much the same genre, along with Michael Bay's Transformers (which is missing the boffin but what do you expect from Michael Bay). Point is "sci-fantasy montster thing wrecks world, it looks cool and gets defeated" is the entire plot of all these movies, and people seem to love them. I grant you it's a "loose" genre, but I'd still say it's more specific than just "action movie" or something. Besides, I'd take another look at ID4. It's basically a better Pacific Rim because unlike Pacific Rim it has Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum with enough cheesy charm for two movies put together, let alone one. While PR is just the blond dude looking stupid while his would be girlfriend also fails at acting.
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    Were those people in a looney bin, and also drunk? Regardless, see I found Pacific Rim just as dumb as Godzilla, but thought the ending was just a stupid wash while Godzilla at least had a right and proper finale type ending. Ohwell, regardless of opinion it is a fact that none of these really dumb disaster/monster/thing movies will ever stand up to the king of the genre :Independence Day, winner in terms of awesomeness!
  11. Is anyone else strangely excited for the new Wolfenstein game?

    Crap. It's got to get better right? Places I generally sort of trust for reviews seem to like it.
  12. Recently completed video games

    Hey that's right, Hack n Slash should be available soon.
  13. Recently completed video games

    I've now found "intended reads" annoying in creative works. Made the mistake that what the author "really" intended matters early in college, but now I've found its more fun to, if you even have one as a creator or not, just let people make up their own minds about it. And even argue about it among themselves. So maybe the arguing is more fun than getting to a definitive conclusion. As for myself, I just sort of looked at The Stanley Parable, said "oh I see what you did there" then kind of went through it a few times because heck, I already had it. Speaking of completed games, someone tell me if Watching Dogs is good next week. I'll pick up the latest iteration of "Shoot Dem Nazis" at some point later on in a steam sale, just to shoot dem Nazis, but right now I don't have a Wii-U (and am not getting one) so Mario Kart 8 isn't being played, and nothing else seems to be on the horizon till October. (Transistor is nigh out I know, but Bastion and etc. just aren't my type of game.)
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    Oh c'mon. Ok the humans are stupid as crap. But I bet the audience cheered when It definitely wasn't the movie I wanted based on the trailers, but it can still be fun if you just accept it as being stupid. Like, cheesy bad but the movie kinda knows it stupid.
  15. DOTA 2

    This is actually a big part of the reason I quit Dota 2, it felt like I just had to deal with assholes every other game in one way or another. In Heroes of the Storm, which I'm playing like 2 matches a day, there's basically no assholery whatsoever! There's basically not match quitting, almost no AFK's, no raging or anything. It's also a game that I don't feel really bad when losing in, it's a really really refreshing experience to just have fun with one of these things instead of everything driving towards getting super competitive.
  16. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    Nintendo will not be year of anything. It will be a millennia, the millennia of Waluigi. Tausendjährigen Reich von Waluigi, Heil Heil Heil! Oh and you guys are totally right! Sony will have this huge indie thing where indie devs get to be onstage for like 1 minute and say "my game is coming to the PS4!" Games that are "coming to the PS4!" Firewatch, Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2, Divinity: Original Sin, The Forest, A Story About My Uncle. Other triple A games showing up: Shadow of Mordor, Arkham Knight (World Exlusive!!! Pew pew pew). Oddly enough exactly no games besides Nintendo's will actually be announced E3, as they will all have been announced before but next to nothing shown or talked about until E3/
  17. The threat of Big Dog

    US Navy wants robots with "morals" Isn't this how things go wrong half the time? "Must maintain morality. Most immoral creatures on planet: Humans. Must destroy all humans to save planet."
  18. Nextbox 1080: The Reckoning

    May 21st That's the date MS will be revealing its Terminator like Nextbox. A glowing digital platform of robotic death, here to watch your every move in your own home and so find all your weaknesses. The revolution will not be pleasant.
  19. I Had A Random Thought...

    You don't understand. Denzel Washington is all black people, and all black people are Denzel Washington.
  20. Life

    I hope it goes better than that sentence did
  21. Movie/TV recommendations

    Godzilla So this was a lot cheesier than the trailers would lead you to believe. It's an actual Godzilla movie! And that honestly made it kind of hit and miss until the finale. Ken Watanabe spend the entire movie with a stupid, befuddled look on his face, and all of the humans are pretty worthless. But it had been a while since I've seen people actually cheer in the middle of a movie, and that big ending did definitely put a smile on my face. Fun for what it is, a big screen event kind of thing and an amusing way to spend 2 hours, if rather disappointing in terms of both the anticipation from the trailers and the sheer amount of effort director Gareth Edwards obviously put into it. I'd really like to see him take on a better script than this one at some point in the future.
  22. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    Really who cares what color his skin is or if he's "white" or whatever? That really shouldn't matter, "wait the obvious bad guy can't also be a racist too!" wat? What's odd is the guy is in an obvious "Warlord" kind of position. Yet he looks like some hip bro douche from a night club rather than a Warlord. If he was just a more traditional warlord, then sure some could call "racist" or whatever if he looked "white" as well, but there would still be the possibility of it making sense in the context of the story (could be "The Man who Would be King or something). But with the dress sensibility, there's just the automatic reaction of "that's just too weird" "wtf!" "that's got to be racist right?" which may be mistargeted.
  23. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    Microsoft: Phil Spencer enters stage left, sweaty and doing his best Ballmer impression Exclusives exclusives exclusives exclusives! Exclusives exclusives exclusives exclusives! EXCLUSIVES EXCLUSIVES EXCLUSIVES EXCLUSIVES! C'MOOOOON! Forza Horizons 2, Fable Legends, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Kinectimals 2, and Halo 5 are all shown. Kinect parts are really, really awkward. Sony: Kaz Hirai: Video Games! Huge optimistic smile. Mostly third party games are shown. There will be a huge onstage Destiny live demo. Then, finally, we will see The Last Guardian... again. There will be a stage demo of their VR thing, with a projector showing the "players" 3d view. It will be super, super awkward. At the end of the conference there will be a teaser for Uncharted 4 with an at most vague release date. Nintendo: We released Mario Kart. Isn't that cool? It's Mario Kart People! Look, Super Smash Bros. LOOK AT THE SMASH BROS!!! *Bows Other stuff: Lots more "OMG WORLD EXCLUSIVE!" shit than were used to in the past years, will feel like a decade ago when E3 was actually big. Far Cry 4: Definitely. Assassin's Creed Unity: Definitely. Dishonored 2: Already confirmed. Sims 4: Will actually get to learn what the game is like. Dragon Age Inquistion: First actually public demo of gameplay. Mass Effect (lets not call it a sequel): Probably not. Rockstar: Does not do E3. Fallout 4: Outside possibility. Doom (4?): Definitely possible. Beast (Souls thingy): Definitely possible. Resident Evil 7: Possible. New and disappointing Silent Hill: Possible. Assassin's Creed, Last Gen: Possible.
  24. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    I've no opinion, because I don't know shit about this game other than "Tibet and shit" and there's some of the weird vibe of 3 carried over. Does that mean it's the same writer? Probably not after the PR stuff last time. So I'll reserve judgement, but I do have the feeling this is going to be another Ubisoft Open Worldtm game. Meaning another setting that acknowledges far too much that it's a video game instead of an actual place, another million worhtless collection missions, another "and the kitchen sink" approach to "Features". Which makes me none too optimistic, I like losing myself in video game worlds, not completing a worthless set of never ending tickboxes.
  25. The threat of Big Dog

    Class Human { int HumanDNA; bool organism = true } bool optional = true Ok Maybe C++ pseudo code is just too geeky