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  1. Has nobody posted the Google DARPA robot? It's a little old (December) but no less terrifying: Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.
  2. You said the magic word: SPEEDRUN!!! So I am here to shill for the Summer Games Done Quick 2013 Marathon, presented by Speed Demos Archive. They're collecting donations for the next 5 days, all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. Even if you don't donate, it's still really fun to watch. The schedule is posted here.
  3. Everyone should definitely check out the Divekick streams from EVO. Divekick is pretty much the fighting game distilled down to its basest form and I find it highly entertaining. Also, everyone should Greenlight Divekick.
  4. Please, for the love of God, leave the making fun of random weird internet people in the past. It is why I could not stand GFW Radio and I really expect better from the Thumbs. I can feel my brain being strangled. What a colossal waste of time. I suppose I should be thankful it only lasted a minute instead of 20+ like on those old shows.
  5. Uuuughhhhhh....

  6. The Walking Dead

    Better than the first episode, but a lot of this stuff has happened in the comic. Yeah it's been a hundred issues and there are only so many zombie-related conflicts that you can go to before they start to feel repetitive, but it still bugged me. My only other problem with the game was when
  7. Recently completed video games

    Xenoblade Chronicles So yeah, 82 hours. That's a lot of game. And I really, really liked it. I can't say I love it because it's not really amazing, but it's really incredibly impressive especially on the Wii (Which is a qualifier I hate to use, but it's 2012 and I've seen the game running on the Dolphin emulator. It could look much better.) The gameplay is basically a single-player MMO, but the characters mostly don't fit squarely into the typical MMO roles. There's a dude who has mostly tanking skills and a woman who has mostly healing skills, but the other 5 out of 7 characters have a pretty wide variety of things they can do, which I really appreciate. It's also not a very difficult game, and if you manage to get your main character killed the death penalty isn't harsh. Again very MMOish, but I like it. You can even use the map to warp to any landmark you've previously been to, and if it's in the same area there won't be a load time. That's a BIG DEAL for a game like this. There are METRIC TONS of quests to do. You don't need to do all of them, but a lot are required for things like buying some advanced weapon and armor pieces, and unlocking the 4th and 5th skill trees on many characters. They're mostly generic run and fetch quests, so if that bums you out and you don't like grinding then you should probably steer clear. If you want to, though, you can skip most of the quests and just kill a bunch of monsters. They all drop some sort of loot that you can equip on your guys. The graphics are quite good. I haven't played a great amount of games on the Wii so I don't really have a definitive sample to compare to, but I'd guess they're some of the best on the system. The areas are huge and the draw distance on terrain is very far - even on mobs it is usually quite good, unless you just used a warp and it's loading other things. The sound is also excellent overall, although after 80 hours I can hear that daytime field theme in my sleep. The UK voice actors are nothing special but do the job just fine. And finally, the story is a bit ham-fisted but I like it. They throw a couple of curveballs at you along the way and I think that's pretty cool. Overall, it's definitely my favorite Wii game. The only Nintendo games I own are SMBWii (which came with the system) and Rhythm Heaven Fever, so I'm not a typical Nintendo fan. Xenoblade does not really fit in on the Wii and never uses the motion controls (I used a classic controller for the whole thing), but this game is not about waggle. If you own a Wii and you have a hankering for a good long RPG with heavy exploration and fighting components, I think you should give this one a go. Big thumbs up.
  8. Minecraft

    New snapshot 12w27a is out. Some good stuff, most notably "Boats now drop the boat item when destroyed." as well as "Signs are stackable up to 16." HALLELUJAH.