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    Journey, Halo, Crackdown, Clash of Heros
  1. Fez

    Playing the game is really forfilling, for me anyway. Its one of the first time me and my little brother have sat down and played together, so that's one thing for starters. There's so many little things that make the world just pop. Having tetris blocks as star patterns is nice. The invisible platforms. The jokes, and the things that appear and light up during the night. Apart from struggling to pick up bombs occasionally and falling off when it might not be my fault, I would say its a masterpiece.
  2. PSN ID exchange

    PSN ID: DiamondRabbit Why would anyone on this forum want to hate on PS3/Vita owners? It's no different consoles, is it?
  3. Other podcasts

    I mostly listen to IGN's podcasts. With the exceptions of keepin' it reel, the comic one, surfin' the channels, and the Aussie one. Rooster Teeth's drunkcast always manages to make me smile. The rise star of it all is the Playstation Blogcast, for a podcast it's super informative and the fact that they work for Playstation means they seem to get exclusive info and quite a few interviews, at least around convention time. They had a great Dust 514 interview in the most recent episode. BEYOND!!!
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Heed my hi! Just want to let people know that I am not a fan of being hit with hammers so please don't do that. If you do I'll tell my dad!